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To Do Before You’re Due: First Trimester

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to-do lists, I might not always get around to completing them, but I sure do love making them!

When you find out you’re pregnant (congratulations are in order!), you don’t realise how much planning you have to do and how many things you need to take care of before the arrival of your baby. Luckily you have a couple of months before the time to make sure you’ve sorted everything out that you need to, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly time flies by and you’re left with trying to juggle a lot of things at once.

It can get stressful if you leave important factors for the last month or so and you’re running around (waddling more like it) trying to handle everything without losing your mind too much (although that can already be blamed on preggy brain).

I’ve split the to-do lists into the three trimesters so it’s easier to track and prioritise, however you can mark them off as and when it works for you best.

So let’s get started on the things to do before you are due in your first trimester of pregnancy!SPRINGTIME (5)

Medical aid

As soon as you find out that you’re expecting, notify your medical aid to see if your current plan covers your pregnancy expenses and what additional costs you may be expected to carry. Most medical aids have a maternity benefit and you can register for it from (x) amount of weeks (different medical aids have different rules).

Find a doctor

If you haven’t got a doctor yet, you’ll need to find one to start attending your check-ups. It’s important to find one both you and your husband are comfortable with as you’ve got a long and important journey ahead with her/him.

Belly pictures

Remember to take photos of your belly, documenting your growing belly. You don’t need to do it every single week if you don’t want to (or you end up forgetting) but you can maybe work it on every month so you can see all the changes.

Pregnancy tracker app

Pregnancy app’s are super fun to have because not only do they tell you where you are in your pregnancy and what exciting things are happening that week, but also include loads of other useful tips and advice to read through. There are a couple to choose from so choose the one you like, register and start tracking.

Research baby products

There are hundreds of baby products to choose from, and no, you don’t need to worry about buying all of them. Baby things are expensive, and just because you have a few months to save and buy, doesn’t mean things will be cheaper. Research baby products, see the ones you like and will need, work out a budget and start saving money so you can make all your purchases over the next few months.

Already in your SECOND TRIMESTER? Have a look at the to-do list for the middle three months of your pregnancy!SPRINGTIME (6)

Are you currently in your THIRD TRIMESTER? You might find this to-do list helpful!SPRINGTIME (7)


13 thoughts on “To Do Before You’re Due: First Trimester

    1. I did the same when I was pregnant with Monster and then I would just forget. The app is great because it notifies you each week that there’s something new happening 😁

  1. Pregnancy tracker apps are great. Maybe I’ve gone overboard – I have three on my phone, but they each have different features I enjoy. My favourite thing is waking up to the ‘ding’ on Thursday mornings and getting my weekly update!

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