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Things to do With Hubby Before Your Baby Arrives

I always thought that when Hubby and I would start with having kids, our relationship wouldn’t change.

By much, that is.

Yet, once our Monster was born, we realised that that wasn’t going to be the case, at all. Our priorities shifted; we had a new baby to take care of, there was work and there was exhaustion hitting us from all sides possible.248126_465267330152256_598575427_n.jpg

See, when you talk to others who have already had their babies; hardly anyone talks about the affects on your relationship between you and your husband. People are quick to tell you how tough life is with a newborn and how challenging it is trying to balance everything out without losing your mind. Yet, no one I ever spoke to ever mentioned how the changes affected their relationships. I mean, you expect a couple of changes yes, but somehow, you stay optimistic and tell yourself over and over that all the major factors will stay the same.

Ha! Please, never think this way. Because that’s not what happens and the sooner you realise this, the quicker you’ll try and find ways to adjust your relationship.

However, this is a topic for another time! I want to chat about savouring your relationship with your husband BEFORE your baby arrives and enjoying every moment you can find together and sneak in some fun ways to create those moments.

Here are some ideas of fun things to do with your husband before your baby arrives.SPRINGTIME (4)

Go to the movies

Go to the movies together and watch a movie you’ve both been looking forward to seeing. If your budget is a little strung, create a movie night at home, with homemade popcorn and lots of cuddles.

Go out with friends

Your social life is going to take a backseat once your baby is here so take the time to spend time with friends while you still can with the freedom you have.

Do something spontaneous

The word spontaneous doesn’t exist with a baby in your life. If you’re lucky, it takes on its meaning again once your little one is a little older. So be spontaneous while you still can; don’t make any plans and do the first thing that pops into your head.

Go for a picnic

I know this idea isn’t for everyone but a couple of tummy treats, refreshing drinks, beautiful scenery, it’s a romantic and low maintenance idea to spend some time together.pexels-photo-274050.jpeg

Take naps and have lazy days

This doesn’t even require leaving your home. Laze around on the couch, watch movies and series, take extra naps over the weekends and just enjoy the time you have of sleeping in, sleeping whenever you want to and spending time together, doing absolutely nothing.

Go to a non kid friendly restaurant

You’re not going to be going to nice restaurants for a while because not all restaurants are kid-friendly. So take yourselves out to a place where there are no kids and no screaming, so you can have dinner and a conversation in peace.

Have sex

I know, pregnancy sex towards the end is far from sexy, especially when you start feeling more uncomfortable with a huge belly. After the birth, you won’t be able to with your recovery period and even after that, both of you will be so tired, sex might be the last thing on your mind. So use the opportunity before the time to rekindle the romance and savour the intimacy between you.

Weekend away

Many call this the babymoon, the little vacation you take to somewhere before your baby arrives. You don’t need to plan for a whole weekend, because let’s face it budgets and baby things need to be bought first. Even booking into a hotel for one evening with room service (and knowing you won’t need to clean up the next day) is amazing.

Do something hubby wants to do

Some husbands might not like to go on a picnic maybe or go away from home for a night/weekend. Let your husband choose what he would like you guys to do. Maybe he wants to go to a sports event, or maybe play some games at the arcade. It’s fun and it’s you two doing something together.

While all these ideas involve alone time, I feel I need to be more specific around this one. Take all the opportunities you can to spend time alone. Your lives will be deprived of this for a while. So enjoy the time you have with just the two of you, and once your kids are older, it will be easier to cash in on alone time again. Until then, take in all the time you have before the baby is here.

It’s gets a little trickier when you’re expecting baby #2 and up, but you find ways to do some things together, alone before the clock resets again.

newproject_1_original (7)

Do you have any ideas on how to spend time with your husband before your baby arrives? Let me know!img_2625


15 thoughts on “Things to do With Hubby Before Your Baby Arrives

  1. Great ideas! For both before baby and after baby. As tiring and difficult as it is, making time for your relationship after baby is just as important – and fun. #sabloggerscafe

  2. I like these ideas a lot! I can add domestic travel to the list. We traveled quite a bit before our little one was born but we didn’t take any flights during my third trimester.
    Turns out our lifestyle hasn’t really changed too much but I didn’t know what to expect so I thought that many things would be impossible. Our circumstances are quite exceptional which allows us a lot of relationship freedom, but we’ve also made some choices that make a big difference. I think that all of the things you have listed here are important things to do before and after baby ❤️

    1. I’m happy to hear that your lifestyles stayed pretty much the same, if there was anything I could’ve kept from life before kids, it would’ve been the idea of sleeping in on weekends 😂

  3. Fantastic post! I was lucky enough to do a lot of things with my husband before our baby was born but the one thing we didn’t do enough of was go to the movies. My baby is still breastfeeding so it’s still going to be a while before we get to go to the movies again

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