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Things You Can Blame on Pregnancy (and Get Away With)

Growing a baby is hard work, and in the end, it’s all very much worth it!

But pregnancy comes along with all sorts of things; things that, unfortunately, are out of your control. Little bumps on your journey where you’ll wonder how much more can you handle it, physically and emotionally.

I’m talking about times when you’ll wonder why people keep telling you you’re glowing and you’ll stare at yourself in the mirror, wondering if they’re hallucinating or you need more lighting in the room.

0370f19c565e2d0e68634feb38bc5944You might find yourself comparing your walk and weight to certain animals, even. Just to “spice” things up and convince yourself you still own a sense of humour. Animals like penguins and whales… Ringing any bells? While these might be strange references, they hold much truth. You start waddling around like a penguin towards the end, because of all that weight you’re carrying around, and the whale part… Well, again, the weight part.

Then there are so many more ‘things’ you’ll go through throughout your pregnancy, from the start to the end. Some of them might fade away, some might return for a surprise visit later on, and some… Some just stick around to make life a little more irritating interesting. And you can’t do nothing about it… Nothing… You can and try and relieve some of these things, but it’s mostly short-lived. But the ‘cool’ part is, since you have no control, you can’t be blamed for them. You can, however, blame them on pregnancy!

So during my first pregnancy, many of these things were beyond embarrassing, especially when they occurred in front of Hubby Byren. I don’t know how he still managed to love me through them and still found me attractive, because some of the things I’m about to talk about… are far far from attractive! At some point, all you can do is apologise and move forward.

Fast forward to my third pregnancy, and some of these things don’t bother me anymore. honestly, if something happens now, I’m just like ‘meh’ and I waddle along with it (see what I did there). I still apologise, I mean, manners don’t go away, you know, but Hubby Byren and I can laugh about things now because sometimes, that’s the only way. Humour is awesome, and doesn’t make you feel as bad as you already do. We’ve both come around to accepting that that’s just the way the pregnant body works, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Now… Let’s talk about all the things you can blame on pregnancy and get away with.SPRINGTIME (3)


Oh, the joys. I’m talking about deadly gas, the type that you need to leave the room for for a couple of minutes and hope your house plants survived the ordeal. Heartburn to make you wish there was a single food item available that is both nutritional and filling, that won’t make you want to rip open your throat to get rid of the burn. Constipation… Not funny; painful and uncomfortable, and sometimes, no matter how well you might eat throughout your pregnancy, you just can’t avoid it.

Nausea/Aversions/Morning Sickness

If you’re lucky, you’ll just feel like turning a shade of light green with a slight nauseous feeling clinging to you. If not, you’ll be spending much of your time clinging to the toilet, because morning sickness is a bitch. Never be fooled by the morning part; it can happen at any time! Anywhere! Again, if you’re lucky, it might fade away as you get to the second trimester. If not, it might pop around again in the third trimester. And then you have the poor ladies who never see the end of it. Let’s not forget food and smell aversions that trigger these pregnancy symptoms. Because you can’t have a good time without the bad, right?


You will never pee so much in your life. Everything will expand, except your bladder. And with your increased intake of water, you’ll be running to the loo a lot more than you think. Add the fact that your baby uses your bladder as a jumping castle so you might find yourself running to make it in time. And also, night time wakings will start early as you find yourself needing to empty your bladder more often.


Weird food cravings that you might never had even dreamed of eating. Wanting food that is out of season and very hard to come by. Wanting food that you otherwise disliked. It makes no sense. Some cravings are good, and some might add on to the weight you’ll be frowning upon later. Everything in moderation, right?


I had to split the cravings and the hunger parts, because even if you’re not craving anything, you’re still hungry a lot. And when you want your food, you want your food NOW! Of course, not a pretty sight when you’re sitting, stuffing your face because you can’t get enough… But can we say “the baby wants it?”


This can hit at any stage. It could be because of your frequent toilet visits, or feeling so uncomfortable that you’re twisting and turning for most of the night. It might be because thoughts keep you awake about what you need to do, maybe concerns running through your head or maybe your baby just started summer-salting in your tummy. Whatever the reason, insomnia happens. Maybe it’s just early preparation for the sleepless nights to come?

Aches and Pains

Your hands, your boobs, your back, your legs… These aches and pains can pop up anywhere, and they do closer to the end as you start balancing your new weight. It’s unavoidable. It’s not comfortable. That’s pregnancy!

Swollen feet

This one deserves it’s own section because it’s in a whole other class of “are you kidding me?” Your feet could swell from the weight, or heat, or water retention. And all these will lead to one possible thing. You’re likely to go up a shoe size, so hold out on buying new shoes in your usual size just a bit, because sometimes, your feet don’t shrink back.


You really can’t help this one. Some days, you’ll just want to flop down on the couch and stay there all day long. There’s nothing wrong with being a little lazy. Besides, even if you’re taking a day off, your body is hard at work being pregnant.


Okay, this is different from being lazy because you really are tired. Lack of sleep, heat, growing a baby, nausea; all these things and more lead up to you being drained. No one said pregnancy would be easy, amazing, but not easy.1c431236befef1e2e375b4c7297dc27d.jpg

Preggy Brain

It’s real. I don’t care what you say. It’s damn real. You’ll forget things, sometimes you won’t make sense and sometimes it will be amusing to think of how an organised person turned into a complete scatter brain. I assure you, it goes away, but only because mama brain takes its place. So… get use to this one.

Being emotional

Everything, including your emotions, are out of whack during pregnancy. You’ll be happy one moment and crying the next. Full of energy, and then crawling to the bed yawning the next. Calm, then pissed off. It’s really not something you can control or escape… It can be a little confusing to others, but hey, you can’t keep everyone happy and understanding all at once. I’ll also let you in on a little secret… This being emotional stuff… doesn’t go away after your baby is born… So, get use to this one too.newproject_1_original (13)

Do you have anything to add to the list of things you can blame on pregnancy and get away with? Let me know in the comments!img_2625

16 thoughts on “Things You Can Blame on Pregnancy (and Get Away With)

    1. Haha laziness is a big thing and you can’t control it 🤷🏻‍♀️
      Oh yes, the toilet visits, especially the night ones 🙈

  1. Haha I feel you! What about the ability to eat the last of anything in the fridge/cupboard and not be told off ! Last custard cream? …MINE … last slice of bread… MINE!

    1. Oh gosh, I wish that never turned into a fight in my house! I could never get away with that with my husband, especially if it was something he had been saving for himself for a while 🙂

  2. I’ve reverted back to a moody teenager and I am totally blaming pregnancy. I have never had less time for BS, people need to stay at least 10 metres away from me haha! My poor husband! But it’s a good time to really tell people how you feel and say oops hormones sorry! 😀

    1. Oh yes the hormones card! It’s fine when we use it, but let someone dare tell us we’re acting emotional/irrational then all hell breaks loose 😂

  3. Pregnancy brain is definitely a thing! I keep going to put the kettle in the fridge! Good post 👍🏻 my partner mocks my waddle to get a smile! So many strange things happen through pregnancy.

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