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Currently: February 2018

SPRINGTIMEHello February!

Guys, are you as happy as I am that January is finally behind us and we can all start recovering from the nail biting and budget cramping? It feels like everyone can just breath easily again!

I realised that I never did a ‘Currently’ post for January which is okay since December was a peaceful month with no much happening anyway in our lives. It was just the standard stuff; Christmas, New Years and no attempt on trying to set up New Year’s resolutions (again).

January proved to be busier than usual for us.

Hubby Byren went back to work as soon as the year kicked off, which was a bummer because we didn’t really get much time to spend together over the festive season. Rugby season has also already kicked off, meaning late nights and spending even less time together in the evenings. Although I’m already used to it, being in the game for a couple of years, it’s a little different for the boys, adjusting to not seeing Hubby Byren as much. We try and use our weekends as best as possible to work in quality family time.

Gremlin has been doing well, if we don’t dwell into the terrible two tantrums too much and discuss those moments. I’ve forgotten about how bad the terrible twos are and some days it’s exhausting beyond measures. There’s also this new word he loves and has added it to his permanent vocabulary “No”. Almost everything said or asked gets us this answer, but he’s slowly coming around to understanding that the word doesn’t get him far.

We’ve successfully potty trained him for during the day business. It’s now been a month and he hasn’t had any accidents or close calls. It’s quite a change compared to how long it took us to successfully potty train Monster, but I needed to remind myself that their situations were completely different during this phase of their lives, and I can’t compare them because of the circumstances.
I’m thinking of starting the night training soon, preferably before Cay’s arrival so that it takes a little pressure off me during the first few weeks and months. I don’t really want to start… because you know, sleep is precious at this stage but it can’t be avoided forever, so rather now than later. Speaking of sleep, Gremlin has now gone back to not sleeping well anymore and waking up around ten times during the night. I haven’t figured out exactly what is causing the sleep regression, I suspect he has started teething again and that’s what’s keep us up at night. Most of the times he calls out to me, it’s to tell me what we’ll be having for breakfast later on or asking for a kiss. Either way, the last two weeks have left me feeling like a mama zombie who wishes drinking more than one cup of coffee was allowed at this stage.

We took Monster to a speech therapist this week for an evaluation. With his speech that regressed so drastically while he was still at school K, it slowly started improving and his vocabulary has increased for his age, but he definitely wasn’t speaking as he should for a kid his age. Over the last year, his speech had improved and he started speaking using sentences however he still scrambled the words around. While we were able to understand what he was trying to say, we needed to still have him evaluated to see if there were any learning problems we might not have picked up on with his other therapists.
The evaluation was an hour long, and he never once tried to escape nor wavered in giving his full attention to the therapist. I wasn’t allowed to sit in as it could cause him to become distracted or not want to cooperate with the therapist, and it didn’t bother Monster in the slightest. When we first started his therapies almost two years ago, he refused to even go into the offices, let alone let us leave the room. Even with us present, he wouldn’t cooperate with the evaluations. So yes, I can easily say there has been loads of growth on his side, emotionally and mentally, as well as building up his self-image and confidence again.
After the evaluation, I had a quick chat around the feedback, as we’re still going to receive the full report. The therapist did pick up on a couple of things that he’ll need speech therapy for to improve his speech but none of these things are red flags and will be easily “fixed” with a couple of sessions and homework provided by the therapist. We have some answers now around his speech delay and we have a plan to help him with them! This year is about to get even busier for us.

The pregnancy is going well. Apart from the weight of my growing belly affecting my back more each day, I now have faint restless leg syndrome which is apparently very normal during the third trimester. I had no idea this was even a thing during pregnancy, and I’m starting to feel the differences between my first two pregnancies and this one. This kid better be freaken cute, that’s all I’m saying.
During my last check up, the doctor booked my theatre date for the 4th of April and next week I’m officially booking my hospital bed, and I’m looking forward to it because who doesn’t love admin (okay, that was a little sarcastic on my part)…
My baby shower is around the corner and I’m super excited to share the day with my friends and family, and celebrate our little girl’s arrival. My awesome sister-in-law, Marisca, is going a great job planning and organizing all the behind the scene stuff and I’m grateful that it’s one less thing I need to worry about on my already overflowing list of to-dos.
Not too long now, and our lives will be turned upside down once again.

That’s all folks! I’m ready to get February started and see what lies in store for us. I hope that the month brings you all the things you need, and if you’ve got goals to achieve, that you achieve them successfully!

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