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40 Things I’d Tell My Little Girl

I’m pretty sure that every woman in this world wants a daughter.
A little mini‐you to have tea parties with, have princess dress ups and teach her all about life, love and laughter. A little girl to love and cherish; to raise to be strong, confident and independent.

There’s a really small chance of us having another more kids in the future, so the idea of having a little girl of my own is almost next to nothing. Before we had kids, Hubby Byren and I discussed our expectations and decided that we would only have two kids, regardless of the genders. So after having two boys, I wonder what it would’ve been like to have a little girl as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys with all my heart, but my heart will always yearn for the more.

So I few months ago, I started fixating again on wanting another child, and what it would be like to have a daughter. What her name would be. What she would look like. Would she be a girly girl or a tomboy? What would she want to study one day? What life lessons would I teach her? (I know I probably sound completely insane when I just said that we’re not planning on having more kids.)

But I was drawn to setting up a list. A list of life lessons that I would teach my daughter… If I had one.SPRINGTIME (9)

Your brothers will always protect you.

Don’t let fear hold you back and dictate your life.

Painful honesty is always better than messy dishonesty.

Remember that not everyone will think and see things the way you do.

If you can’t be yourself around them, then they’re not really your friends.

Don’t let anyone push you around.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in any situation, don’t be afraid to leave.

Don’t just accept things to avoid drama.

Don’t just listen to people, hear them.

Don’t let anyone make choices for you.

Don’t let anyone define who you are but you.

Don’t dress the way fashion magazines tell you to, find or create your own style.

Find your voice and use it proudly.

Smile as much and as often as you can. But don’t smile if you don’t mean it.

Surround yourself with positive and inspirational people.

Be blind to gender, race, religious beliefs and sexuality.

Make a Bucket List and do the things you want to.

Find your passion and pursue it.

Go on adventures. Travel the world.

Go skinny ‐dipping.

Don’t take photos of everything, live in the moments.

Read books. Lose yourself in imagination.

Make wishes and believe in magic.

Find beauty in everything. Where one sees a weed, another sees a flower.

Your success is yours alone.

Never pass over the opportunity to sleep more.

Be cheesy. We need more humour in this serious world.

Don’t erase the times you’ll feel sad. You’ll appreciate all the good times even more.

Help others in any way you can.

If it feeds your soul and moves your feet, who cares about what type of music you listen to?

Go to a concert at least once in your life.

Dance like no one is watching, and even when everyone is watching.

Please watch How I Met Your Mother, The Flash and Fringe.

It’s okay if you’re not interested in dresses and make-up. If you decide to wear make-up, I’ll teach you the tricks.

If a guy buys you dinner or takes you to the movies, you don’t owe him anything.

Find someone who makes you laugh.

Find someone who loves you for who you are.

You don’t need to wear an all-white dress on your wedding day.

You are beautiful, inside and out.

Live a #nofilter life.

This post was originally posted on Tums2Totsonline.co.za.

5 thoughts on “40 Things I’d Tell My Little Girl

  1. I was blessed late in life with my miracle child and she is a little girl and I second all you have on that list and have a few of my own. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

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