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Closed-{Review} Why the Rosacup is My New Best Friend + Win!!

SPRINGTIME (7)I know, the saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

I used to think so.. And chocolate, of course! Until I found the beauty that is the Rosacup. Never heard of it? Here’s a little more about the product that now never leaves my handbag.

A menstrual cup is a soft, flexible, reusable 100% medical grade silicone cup that lasts up to 15 years and is an alternative to tampons and pads. A menstrual cup collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, hence the name, it folds upon insertion and then pops open once inside to collect blood, once full the cup is removed and rinsed under a tap or with a spray bottle or bottle of water if you are out and then reinserted. Menstrual cups also carry no TSS risk and has no chemicals or bleach and is safe to wear for up to 12 hours at a time! They also hold up to 5x more than a tampon so perfect for a heavy flow or wanting freedom from constant changing of pads and tampons. Join the revolution and join thousands of woman who are thrilled with their menstrual cup! Not only is it friendlier on your body but also the environment.

So I’m going to be honest. The first time I tried the Rosacup, I wasn’t too keen on it. And before you stop reading, read on. Now the whole thing around the Rosacup I didn’t get is I can’t think of it as a tampon. Sure, the products are used for the exact same purpose, but they don’t WORK the same way.

But after switching up my mind set and understanding how the menstrual cup works, I will never be using tampons or pads ever again. Now I know a lot of ladies I’ve spoken to about the product were a little sceptical about the usage as well as the hygiene conundrum concerting the menstrual cup. So I set up a list of their questions and with my experience using the Rosacup, I can answer them all here.

One of the mistakes I made with the Rosacup was rushing through the process the first time I tried it. As with anything new, you need to learn how to use it properly and feel comfortable with it. The first few times you can use a panty liner or a pad while you’re figuring out how to properly insert the Rosacup.

But the mess????

There’s really no mess if you insert it correctly. If you insert the Rosacup correctly, the suction seal with be in place and there will be no leaking whatsoever. When removing the cup again, you pinch the stem on the bottom until the suction seal releases. Once that has happened, all you do is pull down on the stem until the cup has been removed completely. Then just tilt the contents into the toilet. The only bit of spotting you may experience will be when inserting it as there might already have been some blood towards the end of the opening. Nothing gross or messy about that, the same sometimes happens with other feminine products (and no one really bats an eye..)

Do you just use it again after emptying it?

Nope, you need to clean it up first. If you’re in a bathroom that will allow you to rinse it out, then you do just that. If you don’t have the facilities available to you, you can use a small spray bottle to wash the cup off and then insert it again. The spray bottles can be purchased from Dischem and Clicks.

But it’s so big??

That’s the beauty behind its design. As it’s completely flexible, you just fold it. There’s no pain inserting it or having it inside you (it’s made of silicone).14449788_626929840804303_1501353550761009125_n

 You actually sleep with it inside you??

Yep. And it’s some of the best sleep I’ve had while on my period. I don’t have to wake up during the night in panic that I might be leaking from a heavy flow or need to get out of bed to freshen up. All I do is make sure that I empty the cup right before I go to bed and empty it, and clean it, right after I wake up. If I have been experiencing a heavier flow that day, I’ll make sure to wake up once during the night just to make sure that the cup isn’t too full so I can make it till the morning. Still beats waking up every hour or so every night for a week.

So you can wear it all day, all night??

As with any other feminine products, they have a expiration and a maximum time of usage. So of course, there are limits as to how long you can use the Rosacup before needing to empty it. Everyone is unique with their flows but if you want to work on a time base, here it is: on heavy days, you can wear the cup for 4/5 hours and on average days, you can wear it for 6/12 hours. You know your body best so you’ll be able to figure out the times based on your flow. Just never ever use the Rosacup for more than 12 hours without emptying it.

What if you’re in a public restroom??

I personally hate using public bathrooms, no matter how clean they may look, I just can’t feel relaxed when using them. So the awesome thing with the Rosacup is now I can avoid using them when I’m out and about somewhere. I don’t need to worry about changing while worrying about hygiene. I just make sure to empty any contents before I leave home, and depending on the flow, I can work out the time I’ll need before needing to empty the cup again. Now if you do find yourself in the situation that you just have to use the public restroom, no problem! Just make sure you have your spray bottle with you so you can clean the cup before reinserting it again.

The cup is dry, doesn’t it hurt when you put it in?

Not really (yes I tried to), but if you’re not keen on going that way, you can use coconut oil, a water-based lubricant or water.

Surely it’s still dirty the next time you want to use it if you only rinse it with water every time?

I wouldn’t use the word dirty because you make sure that you wash it properly. Even though the Rosacup has a lifespan of up to 15 years, you still need to make sure you take proper care of it. You can wash the cup with warm water and soap. Alternatively, you can boil it for up to 5 minutes in a pot with the lid off, just don’t leave it unattended. If the water is finished, the cup will get damaged. I’m very sensitive to scented products (soaps, washes, etc.) so I can’t use the soap to wash the Rosacup after usage. What I do instead is use my Gyna Guard instead to wash and the clean the cup. I’ve had no issues with this method.

In the short-term, tampons are cheaper.

Yes…… But, let’s rather think long-term here. On average, I spend around R80 a month on feminine products; tampons and pads included (just to be safe). A Rosacup costs you R320. Yes, you’re thinking that’s quite a price difference.

But let’s look at the long-term: If I’ve been using the Rosacup for five years, I’ve still only spent R320. Over five years, my tampons and pads would cost me R4 800. Now this is without the price increase that will happen over the years. Now work that out over a 15 year span? Do tampons really look cheaper then?

I’m more than happy to spend a larger amount for a product that I love, feel comfortable with and find more hygienic. Wouldn’t you?

So there’s a Rosacup giveaway accompanying this review. One lucky winner will stand a chance to win a Rosacup of their own!

Getting your entry in is as simple as:
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A few important details to keep in mind:

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13th July {Thursday}:
 Cut off date for all submissions.

14th July {Friday}: Winner will be announced and emailed.

Good luck to all entrants!

9 thoughts on “Closed-{Review} Why the Rosacup is My New Best Friend + Win!!

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve heard a few people share their experiences with the Rosacup and I’m definitely intrigued. Bummed I missed the giveaway though 😊 Megan xx

  2. I have been using the IrisCup & love it! It has completely changed the way I see my period & my body. I would love to compare the two cups, I haven’t seen another cup in person besides the IrisCup!

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