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Welcome to Toddlerhood, Gremlin!


Dear Gremlin,

Welcome to toddlerhood, my boy!

I honestly can’t believe we’re already here. Two years old already?

Ever since you were a little tiny human, your personality just shone through. The happy, almost always smiling red cheeked kiddo. The one that’s always trying to be funny and cute because you’ve figured out that that charm works on people, who automatically “awwwh” and give into what you want. I’ve seen your plan, I’ve studied it, I’ve given into it, but only in moderation. I can’t have YOU thinking it works all the time.Anniemotion (1)

You carry your emotions on your face. Although it’s always happiness with a giggle that goes everywhere you do. Sure, you’re mostly happy but let’s not excuse the frowning when something is bothering you or you don’t get your way. Of course, we can’t expect you to always be happy. You’re human too, just a little human, with big emotions. As you grow, you experience new situations and emotions, and you don’t always know to deal with them. Maybe it’s because the breaking of your comfort zone or because you’re a little overwhelmed, but it doesn’t always end well. There are no steps with you when it comes to expressing your discomfort. It’s like 0 to 1000 in less than a second when you have a meltdown over something. You know, like when you recently asked me for juice, and I gave you that exact juice and you suddenly just started screaming and I stood there confused, scratching my head. There was no warning given, there was just an explosion. We’ll need to somehow figure out how to work on your volume control…And also your clumsiness a little. As a few weeks before your second birthday, you managed you fracture your leg (and I thought trouble only starts with older kids).

Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten to learn more about you as your personality grows and shows more and more. There’s a twinkle in your eyes wherever you go. It’s like you carry happiness on your shoulders and set it free to others. The little explorer inside you has woken up as you use the trees in the garden to pretend you’re in the wilderness and you’re fighting for survival to get out on the other side. I can’t say I don’t laugh at these games, but the amount of emotion to put into this pretend play, you really believe you’re in that set up. All seems cute until you drop to the ground and start eating mud and sticks. It always takes me a few seconds to realise what is happening and I’m off running towards you to clean you up. To you, it looks like a game, I’m just trying to stop you from running into the house and smearing mud all over the walls.Anniemotion (2).png

While we still have a few years of the toddler stage, and I kind of remember what awaits me, I’m looking forward to them, the good and the bad (and figuring out where your mute button sits). This is the last time I’ve be going through the toddlerhood journey, and I plan on enjoying it, every single moment, even though some days I’ll be daydreaming about the baby days when things seemed simpler. I’ll only have you this tiny once. While I can still pick you up in my arms, and cuddle you and give you kisses, I will embrace these moments. I will make sure to savour all the smiles, the giggles, the tears, even the meltdowns. You’re still learning and growing so things will be hard some days, other days they will be worse. Yet those days will be just as important as the good days. We’re all learning with you (even though we’re been through this with Monster already), you’re your own person, with your own quirks, mischief and feelings. No journey is ever the same, I just have a strong feeling that I’ll need to have extra supplies of patience this time around. Just in case…

So my Gremlin, welcome to this new stage of life, where imaginations grow, and emotions feel heavier, and some days feel like the world is against you. Just know that you’re not going to go through it on your own. We’ll be here; your Dada, your Mama and your brother are always with you. We love you, we’ll support you, and we’ll embrace the person you are meant to be.Anniemotion.png

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