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Currently: June 2017

SPRINGTIME (25)Hello world!

Yes, we’re all still alive and kicking even though I’ve been on radio silence for some time now!

I’m hoping to turn it around now that I’ve (sort of) found a way to keep my head above the water and actually get some writing done. Will I be sticking to my old schedule? Some wishful thinking here but I’m hoping to!

Before I jump into any other posts I’ve planned, I thought I’d do a little catch up on what’s been happening and the reasons behind my absence from the blog.

If you’ve been following my social media accounts for the last few months, you’ll know that I spoke about us moving a couple of times. Well, it finally happened. The big move was at the beginning of the month and I’m so glad it’s happened and done with. What I’m not really happy about is the fact that all the unpacking followed. While I don’t have much left to unpack and sort, the fact remains that I’m still not done.

After taking a little time off from home-schooling with the boys (because of the packing up phase), it was time to put routines back in motion and settle back into our lessons and activities. My day mostly consists of time with the boys, then trying to save the house from the tornados, a.k.a. boys, that went through it and then trying to find some quiet time once they have gone to bed. That’s with the unpacking included. So by night time, the last thing on my brain is for it to work, because by 19H00 every night, I’m paste and I just want to snuggle under a blanket and read a little (or else I won’t ever get to completing my reading challenge on time).

Apart from us moving, Hubby Byren started a new job, which has taken a lot of financial stress off our shoulders and also some off his because his working hours are a lot better and we have more time to actually spend together as a family.

Life for me as an individual hasn’t changed much, although calling a house three times bigger than your previous dwelling (and maintaining) not change is an understatement. While it takes up more of my time now, I’m loving the space we have now. The boys are enjoying the bigger yard to play in, the space of the house itself seems to have them more relaxed, especially Monster. He’s much more content since the move, which is a lot to do with the new found freedom and not having to share a space with Gremlin all the time.

Well, that’s pretty much it! It’s only been three weeks about since I posted something so I can’t share about any other changes that came across our path. I’m just really grateful for where we are right now. While I couldn’t really feel homey in the previous places we stayed, I can say that I’m dipping into that feeling now. I mean really embracing it. Yes, there’s space everywhere around me, that I never had before. But that’s not the point of this feeling.

It’s seeing the boys happier, seeing them playing outside and running around, and embracing their new home. It’s seeing them roaming the house, finding new places to play games, being in awe of their surroundings. It’s seeing my whole family happy, really happy, for the first time in a really long time, and savouring these moments. Without sounding to self-indulgent, I have to say that after the last few years of disappointments and wrong turns, we’ve finally come out on the other side; the good side, the side I believe we’ve well deserved.

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