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22 Best Parts of Being Pregnant

SPRINGTIME (21)A while back, I posted about the worst parts of being pregnant and I saw a lot of women being able to relate! I mean, pregnancy is universal so we all go through some of the struggles together and we can all relate to them.

While there are “worst” parts during pregnancies, where some women have more of those moments than others, all in all, looking at the bigger picture… Being pregnant is really an amazing experience and truly a remarkable journey to mamahood.

I loved being pregnant! Especially the part that both my pregnancies fell into the winter season so I had my on carry on incubators to keep me warm during those darn cold days. Now, every winter following, I literally freeze my butt off, and a hot water bottle doesn’t quite have the same effect.

So I thought, I’ve shared the worst parts of being pregnant, and now it was time to share the best parts. I mean, OBVIOUSLY the good always outweigh the bad!

Boob job.

I mean, YES PLEASE! Those babies popped within the first month and I was loving them! And when you have small boobs, and you have the opportunity to wear shirts that finally show off a temporary cleavage! Needless to say, once I was done breastfeeding, they were gone, gone, gone.

A secret.

If you’re like me and kept your pregnancies quiet from the public during the first trimester, there’s just something awesome to that feeling. Knowing something that no one around you knows, and when you’re thinking about it, you don’t realise the smile dancing all over your face. Okay, I’ll be honest, each time I did tell only the closest people in our lives because I couldn’t keep the joy just to myself!

No more periods.

I heard about some moms still having periods, or partial periods, during their pregnancies, but I’m happy I wasn’t one of them! I didn’t miss it once and actually dreaded the day it was to return, because damn, periods are just horrid!

No stress about falling pregnant.

I think this was a perk for both Hubby Byren and I! I mean, there’s no stress during sex and we could both enjoy the moments together instead of constantly being worried about me falling pregnant. Birth control methods, you say? Unfortunately, I’m allergic to all the types available, I’ve been on multiple pills, did the injections; all went against my body and actually caused harm. So you can understand why we enjoyed our temporarily found freedom.

No weight and diet crap.

Although I did make sure I didn’t overeat or dwell into too many (sugar) cravings, I was so happy that I didn’t need to worry about how much I weighed during my pregnancies (as long as we were healthy) and I didn’t have to worry about diets! Although I did cry a little when I couldn’t fit into my favourite jeans and dresses, but hey, it’s all part of the journey, right? Which brings me to my next point…

Stretchy pants.

Okay, stretchy pants are like eating ice-cream in the summer heat! I loved the maternity pants I had, which were super comfy and super stretchy so I could wear them for longer. And the best part? The material is so elastic and well designed, that I can still wear these pants today without them being baggy on me! Talk about a great deal!

VIP Treatment.

Is it just me or are there just much more privileges for pregnant women? I skipped queues, people gave up their seats; I pretty much got first choice without asking or expecting it. Do I miss this? Do I wish this was a permanent thing? Yes! The privileges, not the pregnancy part.

Strangers are nice to you.

Hitting up on the above point a little. I did notice that strangers just are much kinder to pregnant women than to women in general. Staring at your bump and smiling at you, opening doors for you, helping you with your groceries, letting you pass them with them moving out of your way. I mean, I’m capable of doing all these things, even with the huge belly attached to my body, but it was nice to feel special too!

Get out of chores card.

There’s a certain understanding that goes along with being pregnant and getting about of doing chores. Of course, using it as an excuse THE WHOLE TIME seems unrealistic, but those days that just were a little too much… Well, use the card wide and proud!

Resting is acceptable and encouraged.

You get tired a lot during pregnancy; I had it worse during my first and third trimesters but people didn’t find it weird if you needed a small rest under your desk or a small nap in the car. You’re growing a baby, its hard work!

Beautiful skin, hair and nails.

One of biggest bonuses of pregnancy, apart from having a baby and the instant boob job, was saying goodbye to teenager skin for a couple of months. My skin looked healthier than ever, my hair and nails grew faster and stronger, which made me feel good as well as confident, because apart from the stretching belly, there was still some pretty going around.

Pregnancy snuggles.

I did overheat a lot during my pregnancies but that didn’t stop me from totally enjoying the pregnancy snuggles with Hubby Byren. Especially at night, when the boys were most active (go figure) and Hubby Byren would lie behind me, holding my belly, feeling the movements and the kicking.

Feeling your baby move.

It’s something difficult to explain, if you haven’t felt it before…. But it really is an amazing feeling. The flutters, the hiccups, the movements, the kicks (although my bladder and my ribs would disagree).

Watching your partner turn into a dad.

Although I didn’t understand the need that Hubby Byren had to put the camping cot up at 11pm or assemble the tram in the late hours of the night, but that total excitement from his side was exciting to witness. While he obviously couldn’t be “pregnant” with me, although he did share some pregnancy symptoms with me (it was hilarious!!), he found ways to be part of the pregnancies and get involved.

Sex drive.

I think, definitely this made Hubby Byren because duh! My sex drive was super high during my pregnancies and I just wanted to go go go! While this was great for both of us because we didn’t have to worry about falling pregnant and stuff, it was a little funny hearing Hubby Byren asking to rest here and there.

OMG orgasms.

Yep. I went there. While I can’t complain about them in general sense, during pregnancy there were just so extreme that I broke out in tears from the overwhelming emotions. Which caused Hubby Byren to panic the first few times because he had thought something was wrong. Nope, nothing is wrong, just keep them coming!

Baby shopping.

Forget the bigger purchases like your pram and cot, etc. I’m talking about the clothing, the socks, the blankets, the towels, the bedding, the toys, the bottles, the bibs. Baby things are super freaken adorable, and if you don’t have the self-control, you’d probably walk out with everything!

Baby shower.

Spending the day with your closest, talking about your baby, getting gifts and just enjoying YOUR day is something to look forward to. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love being spoiled?

Maternity leave.

I knew that maternity leave wasn’t going to be a complete vacation but it was still something I was looking forward to. Spending time with my new baby, getting to know them, cherishing the moments, and watching them grow. While the first weeks were the hardest, there are ways to enjoy your time at home with your baby.


The last stretch of your pregnancy is hard. Sure, you’re at the most uncomfortable stage but you’re so so close to meeting your little one and that anticipation is CRAZY!


Nesting is needed! While Hubby Byren didn’t understand why I needed to rearrange the baby’s room and repack everything almost every day (he eventually accepted it as part of having pregnancy brain), I found joy in it. I wanted everything to be perfect and if I woke up and thought that the vests weren’t on the right shelf, I just had to find the better spot for them. It didn’t get better with my second pregnancy, though.


Sure, while all the above points are great, they don’t compare to the actual fact of having a little bundle of joy to love, care for, teach, raise and be grateful for, for the rest of your life!


7 thoughts on “22 Best Parts of Being Pregnant

      1. Yes mine was a dream until I found out Emerson was breach… the last few weeks were tough but now I’m definitely missing my bump!

      2. My second was breach close to the due date and my doctor decided to turn him by moving my bump with his hands. It was so much more painful than the contractions I had when I went into labour, luckily he turned on his own a couple of days after the doctor visit but I sure don’t miss it!

      3. We did try that but his bum was so wedged into my pelvis – I was booked in for a csection. He then decided to come 2 weeks early so at least I got to feel what contractions were like before they performed the emergency. I wouldn’t have it any other way though!

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