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#BCW: Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain

18033275_1819994458320615_2505157612582296150_nLuchae Williams, writer and dreamer, resides in the small seaside city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Mama to 4 (1  teenager, 1 dashing stepson, 1 darling daughter and new addition soon to arrive) she likes to think of herself as a “young, hip mom”. She is an avid blogger over at ‘My Spreadsheet Brain’, a regular music reviewer for online publication Gateway News and is a contributor for JStar Magazine.

Luchae co-host’s the official #ECMeetUp – a well-attended Eastern Cape based blogger convention, in Nelson Mandela Bay.

  1. What is the inspiration behind your blog name?

I often refer to my “spreadsheet brain” when I give reference as to why I do the things I do (I’m talking about stuff like overplanning everything and designing spreadsheets and creating lists for just about every single thing in my life). It’s a term my friends and family have gotten use to hearing (when I make excuses for being an overanalysing weirdo) and it just seemed fitting to be my blog name.

  1. How would you describe your blogging style?

I’ve considered going the whole “magazine style” route but I think that I like saying whatever I want, however I want. I try to keep my writing style relaxed and conversational. Product reviews are sometimes a challenge for me, because I find myself wanting to chat away about arb things, but oh wait, we need to focus on the product at hand.

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I met my friend, Eleanor of JustEllaBella, in 2008ish and I totally admired the fact that she was a journalist. I’d often tell her about my desire to be a writer too and she eventually encouraged me to start a blog, after she had done so. Before that, I filled my Facebook “notes” section with tons of long-winded notes about dating and just life stuff, in general. So picking up blogging after that was pretty easy.

  1. What is your most popular/favorite blog post?

My most popular, I think is (wait, I’m going to look because I don’t want to lie to ya) is a blog post I wrote that is kinda an ode to a forgotten/long lost friendship. I had been sitting and chatting to Ella about a group of friends I once had, and how we all seemed to drift apart, and then I was like “hey I should blog about it!” and so I did. It did really well for like, a whole week.

  1. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Well, I definitely want to start being more relevant to my audience. Not that I’m not, but I think that I sometimes get caught in the whole “I’m blogging right now” part of blogging, instead of just allowing the words to flow and my thoughts to tell a story, in the post. I also really love that my readers can relate to my journey as a stepmom and former single mom. I love the “hey, me too” comments and that I can help another lady feel as if she’s not as crazy as she thinks she is.

  1. What’s the one thing you’re secretly good at?

I sing and I write music. Writing songs is actually my first love and something that I’ve stopped doing since having my daughter. I am the choir director at my home church and my husband directs the band and teaches music. It’s a big part of who we are.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Singing and being super, duper involved with our church’s Music&Arts Department. I love the arts and creativity! I must be honest, I also love planning a good party – but like, it must have a theme and games and stuff. That’s when I wip up my best spreadsheets.

  1. What do you love the most about yourself?

Ha! What a question to ask the female brain, hey! Uhm I love that I’ve managed to not let my past and wrong decisions make me bitter. I always try to stay positive and hopeful – life’s not as sucky as we think it is. I mean, sure there are sucky moments, but I muuuuch prefer not acting like a sucky person because of it.

  1. If you had to be on a reality show, which one and why?

Oh wow, Americas Next Top Model, for sure. Just because I’ve watched so many episodes of it, that I know how to be “fierce” enough for Tyra Banks haha. Not that I care to be a model. I guess being in a singing show would make sense, but then I would only enter if I’m going to win, or else it would just break my heart hahaha #realtalk

  1. Who has influenced you the most?

Every single female leader I’ve walked with, at my home church. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious that I take my relationship with God reeeeally seriously… I’m not “religious” and believe that your relationship with God should be personal and not forced. With that said, I love the Godly advice and counsel that I get whenever I chat to one of the ladies at church. They definitely influence every aspect of my life.

  1. Greatest strength? Weakness?

Strength – I think the ability to not allow my circumstance to determine my attitude.

Weakness – Not always seeing my worth/ability, when comparing it to someone elses.

  1. What would you like to make more time for?

My children! Especially my teenager. He annoys me right now and I know that I should be building better relation with him but man, we seriously annoy each other right now. #realtalkagain

  1. What is something you have always wanted to try?

I really want to stay at a 5 class hotel, just for the fun of it, and order room service, in fluffy robes, after going for a full spa treatment. Having a kid at a young age (try 19) I found myself being penny-conscious at a young age and I wouldn’t dare spend money on a weekend like this, because there is a bunch of other things I could do with it!

  1. Name three things on your bucket list?

A holiday away with allllll our children (our tally will be 4, come next week!) We haven’t done a proper holiday since our wedding.

Recording a CD (I know, right? Can’t believe I’m admitting this. )

Going to America… or just any other country.

  1. Real jeans or jeggings?

Dannnng, real jeans!

  1. What would be your perfect day?

It’s so easy, it’s almost doable. Wake up early and NOT TIRED, super productive day at work and then coming home to cook the perfect meal for my family (my house will be clean, when I get there, duh), to be in bed by 8pm again. Easy enough, right? Try doing that with a house full of kids and then let me know.

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