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Proof that My Hubby is a Romance Ninja

SPRINGTIME (19)Two weeks ago, Hubby Byren and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.

18157613_1549796931699285_8760130095558373284_n.jpgWe have this sort of unspoken agreement that every odd number is his year to arrange the events and the even numbers are mine.

The last four anniversaries we went to restaurants, and one year we decided to go bowling, which turned out to be a bad idea because I suck at bowling and I cry afterwards. But this year was different, mainly because, come on FIVE years, and because he really wanted to do something special.

Now Hubby Byren isn’t a romantic person, I get that. It doesn’t bother me because I know that’s not who he is and forcing him to be romantic just wouldn’t make things genuine. So when he is romantic, it has so much more meaning.

Sometime earlier this year, Hubby Byren started dropping hints about having plans already and that this would be the best anniversary yet! I managed to squeeze some details out of him over time, even though it was supposed to be a surprise, but I’m not a huge fan of surprises and the not knowing was eating me up.

Initially there were extra plans lined up for the day but with Gremlin breaking his leg earlier that week, we had to cancel one part of the plan. Hubby Byren had booked us a room at Leriba Lodge for a one night getaway. Firstly, Hubby Byren hates sleeping over at places, because his bed is his bed, and unless he is comfortable with the people we’re sleeping over at, it’s just not happening. So this was a huge boost in the romance department!18194154_1550723944939917_2867931920267173052_nWe checked in a little later than we had planned, but it wasn’t a big problem as we still had a whole evening ahead of us. As soon as we entered our room, I was blown away by the set up. The décor was breath-taking, and you guessed it, romantic! There were rose petals everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE!! Some scattered, some shaped into hearts; we even had one of those towels swans on the bed that I’ve only seen in movies. The bathroom was also showered with rose petals (I meant it when I said everywhere!!). There was champagne waiting on ice and chocolates on the bed.  Hubby Byren had gone to the car to fetch our bags so I was alone in the room, and I was about to “ooh” at him when he walked in because of all the darn romance. But his facial expression showed that he was just as surprised as I was. Turned out that when Hubby Byren made the reservation, he mentioned anniversary and they went out of their way to set up for us. Even though it hadn’t been his idea, I still gave him the thumbs up for the overall idea.

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While my first thought was to jump into the bath (Jacuzzi bath!!) and just soak without any interruptions, Hubby Byren reminded me that we still had a dinner reservation. We headed off to Hemingway’s, one of the restaurants on the premises. Italian setting, dimmed lights; the romance just grew and grew. We indulged ourselves with some freaken amazing food and let me tell you, everything was perfect, all the way to the tiniest detail. Besides the food, we had an amazing time in each other’s company. We haven’t had a chance to have a date night in a very long time, and we felt it. We spent the evening talking about anything and everything; our past and how far we have come, what the future lay in store for us and the plans we had in mind for the rest of the year. It felt great to connect on another level with each other and just explore our lives and our thoughts.

The next morning we had a scrumptious breakfast at the other restaurant, Chapters, and again, got lost in our conversation. I can’t remember the last time we had such heart to heart conversations and even managing to agree on a most of the points on the conversation list. And also, we got to sleep in until nine a.m. which is late if you’re used to waking up each morning at five a.m.

As much as I wished we could’ve spent more time together, all good things come to an end. All I know (and I have been reminded already) is that I need to bring my A game to next year’s anniversary! Luckily I have a whole year ahead to plan something.

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