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Popsiebelle and The Adventures We’re Having (Product Review)

I was super excited to hear that I had been chosen by Ingrid, owner of Popsiebelle, to review one of their products.

Where it began.

“Our brand aims to inspire children to develop and grow their imaginations using the Popsiebelle characters as a platform. The goal is for children to create their own stories and worlds from our characters, thereby promoting creative thinking from a young age. ”

Behind the name.

“Her mispronunciation contributed to creating the Popsiebelle name, we were living in Canada and she used to call a popsicle a “poxibelle“, and so with a slight adjustment, the name Popsiebelle was born.”15202503_1384542334891413_5620149408002582521_n

So we received our Popsiebelle plush a month ago and the adventures have been rolling since! The complication came in with Monster who has a limited speech supply and also takes months to attach himself to any new toys that are outside his interests. The Popsiebelle plush toys encourage imagination, and how exactly would Monster tell me his stories if he couldn’t speak well enough?

When we received our package with the plush, I was overwhelmed by Monster’s reaction. He grabbed his head and repeated ‘beautiful’ over and over again. He immediately attached himself to the plush and even gave it a name, “Vissie Walvis”, which was another surprise because he would never use original names for any of his toys. He identified the plush as an octopus, and on the plush there are more images of characters, a whale and a sailor boat. I understood his attachment to Vissie; he loves the ocean and everything associated with it. Of course, he recognized the characters and that’s where the ideas for their adventures began.

Just the other day, Monster had to save Vissie from an inferno in our living room. He was genuinely concerned for his safety and if I wasn’t for me being vigilant, there would have been water all over the place. Yep, that’s how committed he is. If they aren’t busy saving each other during a quest, they are busy swimming in the ocean, exploring life under water and finding new adventures.

The fighting over Vissie didn’t take long to start as Gremlin found the jealousy inside him over Monster’s adventures with his new friend. We let him pick out his own plush toy and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time with Gremlin breaking his leg the day before. He named his plush “Eina” which might have been association to his hurt leg, but the name has since stuck. While I can’t always make out the role play with Gremlin, I know one thing for sure. He simply adores Eina. Whenever he spots him in the house, he will crawl up to him, ask him if he is okay, respond with knowing he is hurt and then tending to wherever Eina is hurt.unnamed (6).jpg

Both Vissie and Eina accompany the boys EVERYWHERE! Let me not make the mistake of forgetting them at home and making the mistake of not tucking them in correctly at night in bed. Ehren will rearrange Eina’s sleeping position and tuck him into bed on his own if I do anything wrong (although I’ve started doing it the same way and still I’m doing something wrong). Monster tucks Vissie in himself, because they have a routine now before he sleeps. He will chat about their adventures of the day, and every now and ten, a giggle escapes the room as he recites something funny. Although I don’t always understand everything that Monster says, there are times when I make sense of his stories.unnamed (7)

unnamed (5)While Gremlin’s attachment might not be a big deal because it’s a new toy, Monster’s attachment surprised us the most. He was diagnosed with environmentally influenced Aspergers at the beginning of the year, which explained a lot about his current behaviour and temperament. He doesn’t do well with change and new things that he isn’t familiar with. That’s why it was such a surprised and relief when his acceptance was so enthusiastic! Not only did he find his new toy pleasant, but he also found a friend in his, someone he can trust. I know it sounds a little crazy saying that, but Monster has troubles trusting anyone. So him finding security in Vissie was wonderful. Not only does he save Vissie on their adventures but he trusts Vissie to rescue him as well.

There has been a change in Monster’s behaviour in the last couple of weeks, more accurately ever since Vissie’s arrival. His imagination has magnified, his stories becoming more detailed in their adventures. A while back, he transformed a crate into a boat and was sailing the high seas with Vissie at his side. Not only has he been growing his imagination and his speech, but he is encouraged to play more as well, move around instead of just sitting at the table playing with his cars and blocks. He spends more time outside, living out his adventures and enjoying himself.

I can’t express my joy enough about the gift of play and adventure both Vissie and Eina have brought the boys, and encourage everyone who wants to expand their child’s imagination and adventures, to have a Popsiebelle plush in their home.

Besides the toys, they stock other products as well which I absolutely adore. The style is different and creative, which stands out more to the eye that most toys and products we have come cross.

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