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16 Things to Love about Your Newborn

With Gremlin and Monster’s birthdays around the corner, I found myself thinking about how much they have grown up again. I think about this often actually, but when birthdays are around the corner, it’s just filled with so many more emotions. download

Which usually takes me down memory lane where I go through every one of their photos, from my belly photos all the to the most recent ones and I think to myself, “Is it even possible that they were once so little?” because I look at them now; jumping, climbing, playing, (fighting), talking and I can’t really remember when they were tiny little humans. Okay, wait, they are still tiny humans, but I mean tiny tiny TINY little humans.

I didn’t enjoy much of the newborn stage with either of them. Those first six weeks were the worst for me and I secretly wished them to go by faster so that something in my life could find some balance. But looking back on the photos, I now miss it. I don’t miss the lack of sleep and the constant pooping, the colic and the reflux. None of that. I miss the cuddles they just couldn’t escape. I miss the tiny toes. I miss the tiny hands. The noses. Those first smiles. The coo’s. The time when hiccups and farts were actually cute (two boys farting, not as cute anymore).

So I thought to myself, I wanted the newborn stage to go by quicker because it would make my life easier in some ways, but I didn’t realize how quickly it actually could go by. And even having another baby, the experience was different, I would never get to experience the newborn stage the same as I had with my first baby.

I realized what had affected my thoughts. People. Moms. Everyone telling you how bad the first weeks are (if you didn’t get to hear this, you’ve very lucky). Complaining about the lack of sleep. And the crying. The exploding poop. All the negative aspects. Instead of keeping a clear mind and taking it as it comes, as a new mom, I listened and I believed what I was told. So when Monster was born and all these things happened, I told myself: everyone has been right. You’d think I wouldn’t have learned the second time, nope. As soon as Gremlin was born, it was once again thinking of the negative things. I wish I could go back in time and change my perspective.

download (1).png

So as I sit here and think back, I want to encourage you to enjoy this stage. Even with all the challenges you are facing. The newborn stage might be hard, but it’s going to get better as they grow out of it. Once they hit the terrible two’s, you’ll want the newborn stage back, because it was just so much easier.

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects, look and your newborn baby and love them. Cherish them at this age, cuddle them, give them kisses and most of all, don’t wish anything way because there’s no way of getting it back again.

These are the things you will miss from the newborn stage.

Their smell.
Their ‘O’ mouths.
Their little hands and feet.
Their soft skin.
How they look at you like you’re the only person in the world.
How you just can’t stop staring at them when they are asleep.
How much they sleep.
How they stretch their necks to look at you when they hear your voice.
How small they look in their crib.
How their legs stay curled up despite the freedom.
How they move their arms and legs.
Their bottoms.
The cooing.
The hiccups.
How they can’t escape a cuddle.
How they are perfect in every way.

10 thoughts on “16 Things to Love about Your Newborn

  1. I remember when my first baby reached 6 weeks his newborn clothes were too small for him. I cried. He was not a newborn anymore and time didn’t wait for me.

    1. I didn’t have it as easy with the second, working through my maternity leave, but no matter what work I had, I made sure my son came first with everything he needed. xx

  2. Great post! I’m not a mother yet but it’s always good to look at the positives then the negatives sometimes. Also, your background is pretty!!

    1. So true! It’s sad that many focus on the negative instead of sharing the positive. We should support each other and not scare each other about the unknown to some!

      Thank you xx

  3. Aaah thank you for this! My number 2 is 2 weeks old tomorrow. Trying to let it soak in so I remember it all!

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