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11 Things Men Will Never Understand about Being a Woman {Part One}


So the title says part one because it’s a long list, so I’m splitting it in half.

We’re all humans and we have certain similarities but we’re so different from each other. As much as we think we understand men, we don’t and they pretty much feel the same way about us.

I’ve decided to compile a list of things that men just don’t understand about being a woman, and probably never will. Who knows, maybe some clarity will shine through?

Jeans are designed by the devil.

We wish it was as easy to walk into any store to buy the perfect pair of jeans. You think you know your size, you’re certain of it but you’re always wrong because whoever designs jeans has a sense of humour. No two stores will stock the same size in the same fit.

Asking if we look fat in something.

Insecurities are brought on by the constant social pressure to look a certain way. No matter how good we might feel and look, we’ll always seek out approval to make sure we really do.

Big handbags.

We love them, even if we don’t always know what is in them (and what might be growing in them too). No matter how much things we’ve already packed in, there will be always be place for home. It might just take us a little longer to find something we need.

It’s hard to not cry.

We’re a whole being of emotions running, walking, flying, gliding all around inside us. If we’re sad, and even if it’s just a tiny sad; we want to cry about it. It’s who we are, it’s how we work, and it’s how we’re wired.

It takes time to look pretty.

At some point in a man’s life, he will complain about how long it takes a woman to get ready. Clearly they don’t understand how much work goes into looking pretty. Not gorgeous, pretty! If we’re in a relationship, we make ourselves pretty for our other half. If we’re single, we do it for ourselves. Who am I kidding, we do it for ourselves as well, even if we’re dating someone.

Always told we’re “overreacting”.

There’s no such a thing for women. We’re programmed to overthink, sometimes speak too much, but we’re not busy overreacting. We’re powered by emotions so what might look like a huge display of too much to men (because men don’t put in as much emotional input as women), is actually our normal state.

Not taken seriously as men are.

Women aren’t looked at for their brains but for their looks. So because brains are out, men seem to think women are stupid and very far below on the scale compared to men. Men just don’t understand how much this pisses us off. We want to be seen for our minds and our intellect, not our long legs and flat stomach.

“It’s fine”.

If a woman replies to anything with ‘it’s fine’, chances are things aren’t fine. If we don’t want to talk about something, we’ll say ‘it’s fine’. If we’re upset, we’ll say ‘it’s fine’.

Boob sweat.

Yes, women sweat too. It’s not disgusting, it’s normal (just like all women burp and fart). One thing we don’t particularly like is boob swear. Yes, that is a real thing. Big boobs, small boobs; it’s a real thing!

Relief of removing a bra.

It’s like Christmas. It’s like coffee. It’s like an orgasm (okay, maybe that’s stretching it). Releasing your boobs from being trapped inside that bra is just amazing, and the arm rub against them directly after is great!

Being at the mercy of PMS.

PMS is a bitch, which turns us into bitches. We can’t help it. We can’t get rid of the pain it comes with or the blender of emotions that takes over us. Men just have to accept this or else.


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