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9 Things You’ll Miss about Being Pregnant


Enjoy these perks (yes, that’s what they are), they’ll be gone sooner than you think.

At some point in your pregnancy, you’ve probably been told to “enjoy your pregnancy”. Of course it’s easier said than done when you’re not having a great pregnancy, because as we know, everyone goes through some of these stages during (and even throughout) their pregnancy.

So as you hold your baby (or babies) at the end of your pregnancy journey, there will be some things that you will look back on and miss them.

  1. The Glow
    Some say that it’s more a myth than an actual thing. However, the increased blood circulation does add a certain reddish tint to your cheeks. Natural rosy cheeks, who can say no?
  2. The Naps
    Oh yes. Once that baby of yours is keeping you up almost all night, every night, you’ll be missing all those naps you took. No matter how uncomfortable it was turning from one side to another.
  3. Being Lazy
    Another pretty cool perk. Didn’t want to do the dishes? The laundry? Cook? No one gave you any funny looks, you’re pregnant and everyone was understanding.
  4. Being Taken Care Of
    Free food? Free foot rubs? Who says no to these things?
  5. The Stomach Table
    Yep, using your stomach to store your plate, your food and even your drinks. Super convenient!
  6. Great Hair and Nails
    One of the awesome pregnancy perks; your hair being more silky, growing stronger and thicker. Your nails growing faster and they don’t break off easily. Sure, all this goes away once that baby pops out but you’ll still miss having it.
  7. People are Nice to You
    While you were pregnant, people seemed to be a slight bit kinder towards you. Offering you seats, opening doors for you. You can’t turn away from such luxuries.
  8. The Shopping
    Oh, the baby shopping. Going and buying cute little outfits; little socks, little hats. Don’t forget the maternity wear shopping. That awesome feeling of buying new clothes for yourself and feeling great wearing them, even if you won’t be wearing them again in the future.
  9. The Kicks
    It’s amazing holding your baby in your arms, but it was just as amazing feeling those movements and kicks inside your stomach, even if they were endless kicks to your ribs or your bladder. It’s a feeling you just can’t explain to others who haven’t felt them yet.

What are some of the things you miss about being pregnant?

5 thoughts on “9 Things You’ll Miss about Being Pregnant

  1. Love this! But I must add that #9 cancelled out #5 for me 🙂 Once my husband had to pick popcorn off the floor and the second time, I had to take off the top and pants I was wearing, because the little Nut kicked a bowl of yogurt 🙂

    Can I add one more thing that I miss? The C-cup. I still had awesome boobs until my daughter stopped breastfeeding at 23 months. Now I have mosquito bites again :-))))

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