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Story Behind the Date Night Jar + Ideas For You

springtime-15Everyone knows that date nights are an important factor when you’re married.Especially when you have kids.

As important as it is to be there for your kids, couples need time along without distractions to rekindle the romance, to spend undivided attention on each other and of course, to have fun.

Hubby Byren and I used to do date nights once a month, if his schedule allowed it (because he worked and still works late hours occasionally). I think the last time we had a date night was almost two years ago. After our Gremlin was born, we just didn’t have time. Work, priorities; things just didn’t gel.

When I came around to thinking why we haven’t had a date night, I realised it hasn’t because we didn’t have the time, we didn’t make the time. We always had excuses about how we couldn’t have date nights because of lack of energy or babysitters or for that matter ‐ money.

None of these were an excuse to me anymore. We had to have date nights, even if it was only once a month. We needed to make time for each other. NO EXCUSES!

Also, date nights don’t need to be just about leaving your house and going somewhere to do something. There are so many ideas that can be amazing for date nights that you can do in your own home.

I set out to set up a list of different date night ideas that we would both be interested in.
Some of them required going to places so those would be left for the once a month date nights. I also included stay at home date night ideas which we could then include for the remaining three weeks of the month. Win win?

unnamedThese are all the ideas I came up with for our Date Night Ideas Jar:

  1. Coffee Date
  2. Mini Golf
  3. Beer Tasting
  4. Dance Class
  5. Planetarium
  6. Watch the Sunrise
  7. Ice‐Cream Date
  8. Browse Bookstore
  9. People Watch
  10. Wine Tasting
  11. Pool
  12. Roast Marshmallows
  13. Hike
  14. Build a Fort
  15. Paintball
  16. Theatre
  17. Watch a Sports Game
  18. Dinner at a Place We Haven’t Eaten Before
  19. Homemade Pizza
  20. Movie Marathon
  21. Picnic in the Park
  22. Fondue
  23. Museum
  24. Arcade
  25. Cheese Tasting
  26. Bowling
  27. Video Games
  28. Italian
  29. Moroccan
  30. Indian
  31. Russian
  32. French
  33. Greek
  34. Thai
  35. Vietnamese
  36. German
  37. Mediterranean
  38. Mexican
  39. Tie‐Die Shirts
  40. Ice Skating
  41. Horseback Riding
  42. Zoo
  43. Comedy Club
  44. Amusement Park
  45. Karaoke
  46. Sports Bar
  47. Pizza Date
  48. Happy Hour
  49. Sushi
  50. Board Games
  51. Cinema
  52. Seafood
  53. Massage
  54. Bed and Breakfast
  55. Homemade Twister
  56. DIY Art Project
  57. Fishing
  58. Homemade Ice‐Cream
  59. Aquarium
  60. Bake
  61. Candlelight Dinner
  62. Chocolate Tasting
  63. Art Gallery

The “Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc” are all different cuisines we want to try out together.

What are some of your own date night ideas?

6 thoughts on “Story Behind the Date Night Jar + Ideas For You

  1. We have not had any dates since Princess came into the picture. I cannot imagine going out at night without her. We went to a park where there’s a dam and a lot of animals around, a few weeks ago. Us three – it felt good though to get out of the house. And Hubby and I connected. But yes, I know it doesn’t count as a date. We’ll get there. Princess is one now.

  2. Love date nights and I agree with you, even when you’re married and have kids – No excuses. I have some friends who do that, one date night a week without fail and they have blissfully happy marriages, because parents who love together also make the whole family feel safe and loved too. Great post 🙂

    1. Not having date nights really does create a tint on a relationship. That’s why I created the jar, but also to be a bit more spontaneous with our date nights. Don’t want the “movie and dinner” option all the time. X

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