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10 Days of Remembering to Love

springtime-14In our fast-moving and complicated world filled with over working, stress and, well, life, we sometimes forget to look past everything going on and appreciate each other in our marriage.

That’s pretty much for Hubby Byren and I started off our new year. With him working late hours and then spending three evenings a week coaching rugby, I’ve been spending my time with our kids and then spending the evenings alone.  I guess it can’t be too bad because I find ways to keep myself busy and help time pass on.

However, no matter what I do, these activities don’t make up for lost time. This distance creates a drifting apart problem.

So I thought, we can’t change our situation, it is what it is. But we can work on our drifting apart situation.

Whenever you feel like you’re drifting apart in your marriage, try these prompts over ten days and you’ll notice a significant difference.

Use these prompts to reconnect and share your feelings and thoughts with each other.

  1. Name a favourite memory from your wedding.
  2. What initially attracted you to each other?
  3. Remember the first time you said “I love you”.
  4. What do you think is your spouse’s best quality?
  5. What do you think is your spouse’s best physical feature?
  6. Share your favourite of your spouse.
  7. What is your most memorable/best date with your spouse?
  8. Remember a time your spouse was there for you when you really needed it.
  9. What was something that your spouse did that you really appreciate?
  10. What can you do today to make your spouse happy?

What do you do when you and your spouse drift apart and you want to reconnect/rekindle the romance?


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