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Letters to Gremlin {20}

springtime-13Dear Gremlin,

I know I haven’t written any letters in a few months but since becoming a stay at home mom, my priorities shifted a little.

We’ve started home-schooling and we’re still finding our feet (even though it’s been over a month and there have been a couple of days that I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and quit). Put that aside, there’s all the housework that never seems to stay up to date. It’s safe to say that I have kind of made peace with that, if the floor doesn’t get washed in three days, I don’t always really care. I’m not a bad housewife, just an exhausted one.

So I was only going to start weaning you off the bottle around the age of two but I just can’t keep adding fuel to my zombie state (which has been the permanent state for the last six months). Around four months ago, I managed to get you off milk. Which was a financial relief, I won’t lie. But just because I got you to stop drinking milk, it didn’t resolve the issue of your dependency on the bottle, no matter what was in it. Except if it was water, you don’t drink THAT! You still woke up six to seven times a night, crying for a bottle.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. Two hours of broken sleep for me didn’t seem to have any effects on you as you were just as busy as always, regardless of the fact that we had the same amount of sleep.

Last week, I decided to take action. Cold turkey action. I’m sorry about that. I knew that if I did the weaning gradually, there would be nights that I would give in knowing I could get a little more sleep. I was afraid of prolonging the process and I really just wanted to get this behind us as quickly as possible.

I threw all your bottles away the Monday morning, and three hours later, I wanted to kick myself when it came to your nap time. And so the process officially began. You didn’t cry much during the day, it didn’t take a lot of effort for you to fall asleep. But night times were a little more complicated. I knew you were going to wake up and cry, because you were used to a certain way of things.

After two days (of surprisingly minimal crying), you were waking up only once or twice a night and going down for your naps without any issues. It doesn’t mean that these one or two times go by easily. There’s crying, and sometimes screaming (I can’t imagine what our neighbours must be thinking). I’ve offered you a Sippy Cup. I know that’s completely counter‐active to what I’m trying to do. All you do is take a few sips and fall asleep again, so this arrangement is working well at the moment. Let’s hope you’ll be sleeping through within the next two months (can we please push for just one month, mama REALLY wants to sleep!!).

Terrorising your brother hasn’t stopped. I actually think it’s worse as I’m breaking up fights more than ever. Your sharing skills haven’t exactly set in yet so you don’t understand that walking past Monster and grabbing a toy he’s playing with isn’t right. It’s a work in progress.

Fun things that happened recently; I caught you putting your hands in the toilet. I caught you trying to drink water out of the toilet. You have figured out how to pull down your pull up nappies and it’s become a fun task to pee on the floor, no matter when you are.

Of course, this all comes with growing up so I can’t get mad each time. Sometimes, you get an expression on your face that looks really guilty and you throw in the sad eyes for extra effect. PS: It works, but I won’t let you in on the secret just yet. Let’s not make this a “thing”.

I love being at home with you boys. In just two months, I’ve realised how much a parent misses out on when you work. So many milestones, little moments. I’m grateful to have this time with you and Monster.

I love you a lot, My Gremlin, never forget that.
Mama xx

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