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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2017


So we’ve reached the month of love (although, raise of hands – who thinks love should be celebrated each month?)

Since it’s tradition to celebrate our love for each other a little more on the 14th of February each year, let’s mention it!

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, lots of people have already planned the perfect dates, the engagement proposals, and some asking another out for the first time. Whatever category you fall under, I hope you have a fantastic day either way.

If you left your planning for last minute this year, don’t worry!
I’ve complied a list for your last minute shopping that will save the day!


Flowers may be a little cliche on Valentine’s Day sure, but who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Even if we use the singular ‘flower’ – it’s still pretty romantic! And if you don’t want to just do flowers, you can try some of their other options, check them out here.

Sweets for My Sweetheart

I am currently loving the gift ideas from GiftLady! All the gifts are unique and you’ve got so many choices it will be a little difficult to choose just one thing.
If your other half (future other half?) isn’t really into the whole romance win over, spoil them with colourful gift hamper filled with lots of yummy.gbs0222-16

Charlie and the Chocolate Bouquet

Another one from the GiftLady. Okay, besides the wonderful play on words in the title (I LOVE it), it’s a pretty adorable gift. Not a lot of people will turn away glorious chocolate, and that teddie just puts the cherry on top and seals the deal.gbe2161

Gents Survival Kit

Of course, we can’t always expect men to spoil us on Valentine’s Day because it’s a tradition from many moons ago. This Gents Survival Kit from GiftLady is the perfect gift to give to your other half. Why? Because men don’t do well with soppy and romance, and how could they ever say no to snack food and manly objects.gbem0233-17

The Crazy Store

Yep, they stock some awesome novalty ideas and items which can be saved for memories shared later on. If you don’t want to be too terrified serious on the day, this will be the perfect balance of showing your care and affections on Valentine’s Day but at the same time keeping it as too the floot as possible.


Takealot has a  very wide range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas; from cute trinkets to hampers, wine selections and beauty products. Shop around for the perfect gift and surprise your love.

Personalised Love Tiles Poster

Oh, I’m totally thinking of getting for our upcoming anniversary but it can still be used as a Valentine’s Day gift. You can even have it personalised by adding a special message to it for your significant other.26852.jpg

Monogamy Adult Couples Game

I actually own this game (thanks to my awesome sister in law) and although we haven’t tried it out yet, I have read every single card in that game and it looks exciting! If you really want to steam up your Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter), this is the game f27292.jpg

Romantic Picnic for Two

Okay, yes, it’s not exactly a gift. Sometimes, sharing in the moment together trumps receiving a materialistic gift. Unless it’s chocolate. So remember to add that to your basket.

Mission accomplished.

What are some of your ideas for gifts for Valentine’s Day?

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2017

    1. Thank you! I’m a little short on cash this month (the stay at home mom position pays in hugs and kisses :))… so I was thinking of using the Monogomy game to make up for it! And maybe a nice chocolate to throw into the equation 😀

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