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20 Worst Parts of Being Pregnant

springtime-1Pregnancy is amazing, and great, and there is a cute little baby waiting for you on the other side of a long nine months. However, everything about pregnancy isn’t fantastic, and easy and comfortable!

While I had two good pregnancies, with minimal complications, I can’t be completely honest and say that I had a great time, all the time.

I’d thought I’d share with you some of the less than great experiences I had with my pregnancies.

  1. Peeing all the time
    I mean, all the time. It was like a never closing tap that had suddenly grown inside me. It also probably didn’t help that you had to keep hydrated all the time, and that both my boys used my bladder as a trampoline.
  2. Feeling uncomfortable
    Probably the whole of the last month of my pregnancies was the worst. I couldn’t get out of bed without grunting and puffing. I had constant lower back pain that made any sitting position uncomfortable. Oh yes, don’t forget the bloating, a huge tummy getting in my way and always being tired.
  3. Bending over
    Ha, during the last trimester, if I dropped anything, I calculated the importance of the object and if I would be needing it soon. If it wasn’t something important, I’d leave it there until Hubby Byren got home.
  4. Sleeping
    Hitting this one back to number 2, the bigger I got, the more uncomfortable it became to sleep. You can’t sleep on your back so it’s only left for sleeping on my sides. If it wasn’t for a pregnancy pillow I had with my second pregnancy, I don’t think I would’ve gotten much sleep.
  5. Getting the sniffles
    Oh man, getting sick while being pregnant sucked. The usual supply of selfโ€help medication we had at home wouldn’t do because you can’t just use any medications during pregnancy. Also add being sick to being uncomfortable, and you’ve got yourself a tough situation.
  6. Doctor visits
    Although it was great going to our appointments and hearing the heartbeats and seeing our sons’ on the sonar, it wasn’t great having to answer awkward questions (with Hubby Byren listening). Also being probed โ€ my stomach, my boobs and later on… well, you know, for labor purposes.
  7. Last month of pregnancy
    Once again, lets refer back to number 2.
  8. Hot and hungry
    I felt like I was constantly eating. Constantly hungry and nothing seemed to satisfy my appetite. I was lucky to have my third trimesters during winter so I didn’t have to worry about feeling cold, but the amount of heat that your body generates during pregnancy is insane and I even broke into sweats in minimal weather conditions.
  9. Gas
    You know how some men say it’s gross when women pass gas? Good luck to those men when their wives get pregnant because it doesn’t come by choice. Your body is in such turmoil that things that you eat cause extreme gas. Even things that you thought couldn’t possibly give you gas, they can!
  10. Swelling
    Not just your belly in this case; your feet, your legs, your hands, your fingers (I couldn’t wear my wedding ring after my second trimester).
  11. Super sense of smell
    I could smell anything and everything. Perfumes that I loved smelled horrible to me. Foods that I loved eating just smelled off. Sweat? I wanted to throw up!
  12. Nightmares
    I had some vivid nightmares about death, kidnapping and pain. I only had them during my first pregnancy luckily, so apart from not sleeping because of discomfort, i couldn’t sleep because I didn’t want to dream.
  13. Stretch marks
    While I was lucky I didn’t get many stretch marks during both my pregnancies (actually only from my first) because I literally bathed in moisturizer, I still have the reminders on the sides of my thighs. I know a lot of women say you need to wear them with pride, but sometimes, I just wished my body would’ve stayed the same in some ways.
  14. Lack of clothing
    Of course it made sense that my usual clothes would stop fitting me after a few months (actually after the first month already). So I decided; great โ€ now I could wear my maternity clothes. Unfortunately, those hadn’t started feeling me yet either. So my confidence shifted and I felt miserable all in all.
  15. Baby Things
    I never thought that such a tiny person would need SO many things. I mean, when I went to the baby shop and I saw the rows and rows of baby products, I couldn’t believe that we would be needing so much! It was easier the second time around as we already had most of the things, however the first time was a whole different story.
  16. Every day tasks
    Those became work. Even more work than usual. Cleaning floors, folding laundry, doing dishes. Being super tired all the time and having to run chores, I just didn’t feel like getting to every single thing on every single day.
  17. Constipation
    Oh boy, oh boy! The thought of going to the loo, having a poop with no complications went out of the door. I mean, you’re not allowed to tense to help yourself along because of hemorrhoids and the idea of possibly going into labor. So I sometimes ended up spending up to an hour sitting on the toilet… Talk about awkward when we were visiting friends or family.
  18. Walk like a penguin
    The bigger I got, the more I waddled. Hubby Byren found it extremely cute and extremely funny. I, on the other hand, found it annoying to be compared to a penguin, however, it did help me with my balance whenever I did need to get moving.
  19. Unwelcome belly touchers.
    I didn’t mind family and friends touching my belly (mostly because every time I felt a kick, I would get someone to feel it with me) but I felt really uncomfortable with strangers, without asking, reaching out and rubbing my belly! I mean, I don’t go up to them and rub their head because they’re bold, right????
  20. Labor
    No matter what type of labor you have, there’s no fun option. You’re going to be in pain, you’re going to think why did you put yourself through this? But we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do! Some women have quick and easy labors, while others have extended ones. It is the last stretch of your pregnancy, and it will be hard, but it will be so worth it!

Worth it because above all that I have mentioned, it is still a pretty awesome thing, this pregnancy thing. And at the end of it all, you’re going to hold your little baby and you won’t remember everything single bad or uncomfortable thing you went through during your pregnancy.

What were some of your bad moments/experiences during pregnancy?


7 thoughts on “20 Worst Parts of Being Pregnant

    1. Oh the leg cramps during the last two trimesters! I had leg cramps for about a week. Turned out I had a shortage of magnesium, thanks to the fact that I could stop drinking black tea (???). I started taking an extra dosage my doctor prescribed and they soon went away!
      Good luck xx

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