What’s in Our Box? (Week 16–20 Jan 2017)


Welcome to a new week, friends!
I hope you all had a splendid weekend and even though it’s Monday, you’re having a good morning so far!

As many of you may already know, I became a stay at home mom late last year, and with that of course came homeschooling!

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect; knowing how busy my kids are and how limited their attention span is on best of days! However, our first week went pretty well! My boys surprised me with their curiosity and want to learn and play. We weren’t able to get to all the activities that I had planned for them because of two days of interruptions (one very important one!) but we did finish the majority of our activities. When I tried to pick things up on Friday again, it was like trying to get cavemen away from the cave and back to civilisation. Things just didn’t want to work, and I laid the peace down. It had been our first week, it had been a bit of an upside down; on the upside, it had been a success!

springtime-7Now that I’ve given you the brief story of our life last week, here’s what we did!
Our theme of the week was MY BODY!

What I really loved about this theme is that it wasn’t just a sit down and talk kind of theme. We flapped our arms around, shook our bodies and kicked out with our legs. So much movement and energy (without even getting to our physical activity yet!)

Monday, 16th January

Activity 1: Our letter of the week was ‘S’.
The point of the exercise was to trace the letter on a chalkboard with a wet paintbrush.img_1751

Activity 2: Identify Flash Cards.
Officially starting off our weekly theme, we grabbed the flash cards and identified all the bigger portions of our body such as the head, the body, the arms and the legs. I really struggled to find flash cards while out shopping, so when I found Kids Pages, I was over the moon! I found all the flash cards I needed for all the themes of this year and plenty more! In order not to lose them, and to keep them in the specific order I needed them in, I printed them, cut them out and pasted them to a paper for easier use.img_1945

Activity 3: Cut Out Activity.
As I mentioned above, my oldest son, Monster, has low muscle tone, so for it’s a challenge for him to draw, write or paint because his hands and arms become tired very quickly and he doesn’t want to continue with his exercise/activity. One of the activities we need to pick up on is cutting, which we did using these scissors. Both boys have a pair and they work like magic! The child puts their fingers into the front loops and you put yours in the back ones. You then assist them in showing the motions of how to use the scissors while keeping their fingers in the correct manner so they can practise the hand movements.img_1944

This week, we practised cutting straight lines.

Outdoor: Throw.
We practised our throwing techniques this week. We used these awesome colourful balls (which we had to identify the colour of before throwing)!
We threw the balls to each other, against the walls and threw them high in the air. There was lots of movement involved, as well as laughter involved!
(Note: this little fun activity got the boys in bed an hour earlier!)

Read: We read ‘The Rabbit’s Tale’ which is an Usborne First Reading: Level One book.
I received the Usborne First Reading book collection from Jacklin Enterprises last year and even though the books are intended for kids to read on their own, I do the reading. What I will do every few pages, is ask the boys to read to me, and they will tell their own stories from the pictures in the book.

Tuesday, 17th January:

Activity 1: Our letter of the week was ‘S’.
The point of the exercise was to trace the letter on a chalkboard with a wet paintbrush. Monster then had to draw the letter himself and then trace it again with the paintbrush. Gremlin just continued with the tracing.

Activity 2: Match Body Parts
I found some pretty cool activity pages on Pinterest for the kids to do as part of our
lessons. They had to match the cut up papers in the correct order. Before we started the activity, I used a whiteboard to draw the body parts separately to show the aspect of every part being separated.IMG_1816.JPG

You can print your own copy here.


Activity 3: Matching colours
Before our school year started, I started creating some of the activities already. This one is simply made up of paper cups painted in different colours and felt balls (sold at all craft shops).

The colours of the felt balls had to be identified as well as sorted into the correct coloured cup.IMG_1940.JPG

Outdoor: We were supposed to do some running exercises but instead we had a ball fight with the coloured balls and practised our throwing skills again.

Read: We didn’t read the book we were supposed to. Instead the boys chose the book we were going to read. ‘Look Out for Mater’ from the Disney Book Club was the hit of the evening and the boys enjoyed hearing about Mater’s adventures. Book can be purchased from Jacklin Enterprises.

Wednesday, 18th January:
(On Wednesdays, we have less activities as we all at Monster’s OT session in the mornings).

Activity 1: Beads on a stick
The object of the activity was to put the beans onto the bamboo stick. It took a little effort the first few times as the boys had to figure out which angle to hold the beads it so they could easily slide the beads onto the stick.
Need: Beads, a bamboo stick, paper/plastic bowl and wood/paper glue.img_1942

Outdoor: We stuck to the throwing theme for the week as it seemed that it was the favourite! We mixed it up a little by one throwing the ball to another so the second could hit the ball with a plastic bat. Aiming required on both sides.

Read: ‘Planes’ from the Disney Book Club. A very easy to read book with only two or three sentences per page. Book can be purchased from Jacklin Enterprises.

Friday, 20th January:
Activity 1: Strainer and Pipe Cleaners
As I mentioned previously, today was just a complete mess up so I at least got them to do ONE activity. This one is pretty straight forward as you can see from the below picture!img_1943

Outdoor: I was given a LITTLE break from the running around this week as some of the neighbourhood kids came around to play and guess what they played? Yup, throw and catch!

We skipped the reading that evening as it has Daddy’s birthday and we all spent the evening watching cartoons and eating birthday cake!

So there we go, our first week complete!

Disclaimer:  Each week, I will be posting the lessons and activities of the previous week under the Homeschool section.

All lessons and activities have been laid out in weekly themes in a specific order; starting easy ideas and gradually progressing.

As you know your child(ren) best, you can choose to make the lessons/activities easier or harder; depending on what your child(ren) cannot and can already do.

My oldest has low muscle tone as well as a speech delay, so many activities are based on factors to help improve his speech as well as his fine motor skills. His younger brother is also part of all the lessons/activities, even though some are a few months ahead of his age, it’s never too early to start learning!

The purpose of these lessons and activities are educational, but also about having fun while learning.

Liked any activity ideas? Have any questions? Post your questions/feedback below in the comment section and I will gladly help you!



2 thoughts on “What’s in Our Box? (Week 16–20 Jan 2017)

    1. Hello!
      This is my first run at homeschooling so still getting the boys into a stable routine.
      Average, I try to keep each lesson about 15 minutes long, at most 30 minutes, so around an hour and a half at most.
      The outdoor activity is more play (and learning which I don’t think they have picked up on yet) so that sometimes goes on for two to three hours. 🙂

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