Random Thoughts

We’re Not Meant to Live a Mediocre Life


Why do we often find ourselves settling for mediocre?

Is it because we don’t believe there is anything better than we receive? Or do we believe we’re not worthy of more?

I’ve been reflecting back on the last five years of our lives. Thinking back to situations where we just settled for what was given to us each time; accepted that this was the way things were.

Employment places that broke our backs for a next to nothing salary. The hours spent away from each other and nothing to show for it. Employers that abused good hearts to climb in their own riches.
Friends that were there for the good but never around when we were having troubles and going through tough times.
Situations that allowed our family to drift apart from each other because that was all we knew.

Each time we just settled, for the lowest and the least.
Why? We believed there was nothing better past that, because we never saw any better. Until we were given a little taste of something other than mediocre. It was like we were awake for the first time, seeing for the first time. Realising there was more than we had known, and the hunger just grew.

We’re not meant to live a mediocre life.
Not just us, but each and every person out there. We’re so blinded by the negative; that we accept it as being the natural path in our lives and we don’t always break free and look for better.

I believe that the day we forget our dreams and ambitions, is the day we settle for a mediocre life. We’re all born with dreams and aspirations to be somebody but it’s all a waste the moment we decide to let go and forget about them. That’s the moment we decide on mediocre. That’s when we settle for what we have and what we are, instead of what we could be.

I don’t believe anyone should settle for mediocre. I don’t believe anyone can take away what is truly owed to us.

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