Random Thoughts

2016 in Review


So we’re at the end of another year, and once again, a year I don’t want (or need) to repeat. If 2015 wasn’t bad enough, enter 2016 and it’s like the story just continues.

Were there good moments to look back on? Sure, but once again, there were a little more on the bad side.

Although I’m grateful that we all came out alive and kicking, I can’t help but feel anger towards life in general, for once again, handing our family a platter of shit for a year.FotorCreated.jpg

January: The company I was working for started paying us late which created stress as to how we were going to get through our months.

March: Hubby Byren’s hard work paid off and he was contacted by a prestige rugby club, and he was offered a higher coaching position which he gladly accepted.

May: Our one and ONLY car was stolen from us, which was my first attempt at swearing at the universe and hating my life a little.

June: We celebrated Gremlin’s first birthday, and had a party with our family and friends. We were also able to give him a birthday party to enjoy with his school friends. I also had a chance to spend the morning of the school party with him.

July: We celebrated Monster’s fourth birthday, and we were able to host a party for him at school, and once again I was able to spend the morning with him at school.

September: Hubby Byren and I had a long chat and decided that it would be better for me to resign from the place I was working at as I hadn’t been paid in almost two months and there was really no point in sticking around there.

October: I started consulting for a friend’s company, who screwed me over after a month because they didn’t have the resources to keep me and also stated that my writing was disappointing.

November: I realised it was the end of the year and the chances of finding a proper job would be next to noting so Hubby Byren and I agreed that I would be staying at home with the kids until otherwise stated.

December: I officially became a stay at home mom with the kids joining me at home. We now also have two guinea pigs that have joined our family. We purchased a small Christmas tree, and as a family, we all decorated it together. For the first time in three years, we’ve made plans for New Years, which will also make for a mini vacation.

FotorCreatedxcv.jpgSo long story short, this year left us car-less, me unemployed and we have two more mouths to feed, but we’re still smiling. We’re keeping our heads above the water, and even though it feels like we’re swimming against the tide, I feel that we’ll come out stronger on the other side.

How was your 2016?


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