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New Years Resolutions I Wish My Kids Would Make

springtime-18I used to make New Year’s Resolutions… Up until the point that I realised that I was wasting paper and ink writing things down that I was never getting around to doing. Sounds familiar, right?

So I made resolutions at the end of 2015 for 2016… And I don’t even remember what I had jotted down so there’s no way to hold myself accountable. Oh well. Life takes the captain’s seat when it comes to our wishes and fantasies.

So I got to thinking… What if my kids set up a resolutions list? What goals would be on their lists? And would they be better than me at keeping them?

So I set up a list of resolutions for the boys which I believe they would have put on their own lists, given the chance, and these resolutions would make my mama-heart so proud and happy!

New Years Resolutions I Wish My Kids Would Make

1. Keep my toys organised and not leave them lying around everywhere.

2. Work on my relationship with others and watch my manners.

3. While I can see there is someone cleaning the public restroom, I won’t insist on touching every surface in and out of my reach.

4. Develop a new skill. Aiming – food in mouth, pee in toilet.

5. Accept the season we’re in. Winter – jackets. Summer – no shirts.

6. Work on my sharing, everything is not “mine”.

7. Teach myself to be patient. My food warming up in the microwave for a minute longer isn’t the end of the world.

8. Learn to appreciate all the things that are mine – new and old.

9. Try not to climb on all the furniture at the furniture store.

10. Love every meal my mama makes, even if it contains veggies.

11. Not to try out every stunt as seen on TV.

12. Keep saying silly things that leave my parents laughing with stomach aches.

13. Not to grow up too fast and leave my mama crying too soon in life.

What resolutions would you want your kids to make?


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