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What This Mama Actually Wants for Christmas

springtimeI’m sure many a mama has said this phrase before, “No, I don’t want anything for Christmas” or “Nah, you don’t need to get me anything”.

I’m one of those mamas. I would rather skip myself to ensure that the kids get their gifts, and a little something extra as well. So yes, I used the excuse this year as well, it doesn’t bother me. I’m an adult, I’ll survive not getting something from Santa.

However, it didn’t stop me from dreaming up a gift’s list for myself in my head. And these are the gifts I came up with:

New bras
I’ve lost some weight, which made my boobs shrink, which made my bra’s not fit anymore.

A spa day
Just me. It doesn’t need to be something fancy. A back massage and a manicure. That will make me happy.

Car ride in peace
Just one simple car ride with the whole family where Monster and I aren’t fighting over the music.

Date Nights
Planned and paid for. I love my kids, but I miss spending time with my hubby. We haven’t been on a date night in a year and I’m really craving some romance!

A month’s supply, only a month’s supply of my favourite chocolate that only I eat, and no one else. I’m tired of sharing with kids all the time.

New jeans
Since losing weight, it looks like my butt is hanging because my jeans are baggy. It’s not, I just need a smaller size jeans.

A maid service for the day
Where they clean everything and everywhere, and no looks of disgust on their faces as they dish out fallen food from under the couch.

Obedient kids
One day, just one day, of my kids listening to me without arguing, no tantrums, no crying, no fighting.

Gift card
A gift card to my favourite store where I can buy something I want without guilt and thoughts that I should have bought something for my kids instead.

What are some things you would actually want for Christmas?

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