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Your Story: Giselle Shares Her Wedding Story

As a woman, you know that from a very young age, we dream about our big day, we design our wedding dresses in our heads and we role-play the day with our friends as little kids.
Unfortunately, there’s this thing called “Life” and “Life” doesn’t always allow us to have our dreams made into a reality.

However, we do not let that stop us from saying our “I Do’s”.

Giselle shares her wedding story:


 1. What was your wedding day like: Where did you get married? What did you wear? What did you do after the wedding; did you have a reception or did you just head on home?
At the time of our marriage I was 26 years old, my husband a year older, we were courting since the age of 19. By the time we decided to get married we had a little 4 year old girl. My husband made an appointment at Home Affairs in June 2006 and set a date for the 16 October that year. It was not anything fancy, we were going to get married in Mitchell’s Plain in a Home Affairs office, so I wore a shirt with a bootleg jeans and a pair of heels, my husband wore a white shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers. On our way to Home Affairs we picked up our witnesses, my husbands best friend at the time, my sister in law and my husband’s mother. The setting was very dull in the Home Affairs office however the Commissioner of Oaths was nice enough to say a little prayer for our union. The “ceremony” at Home Affairs lasted about an hour, we then dropped my mother in law off at her place and decided to take our 2 witnesses for lunch at Spur. We proceeded homewards after lunch where we spent the afternoon together and also prepared a home cooked meal for the evening for my husband’s father, mother and brother.2. Did you have a honeymoon? If Yes, where did you go?
No honeymoon unfortunately.

3. If you could do everything over, would you?
I most certainly would.

4. Do you envy those that did have the wedding of their dreams?
Envy is a very strong word. I would rather say I am delighted that they got to have the wedding of their dreams even though I myself would have preferred a wedding similar to theirs. The opportunity did not arise unfortunately as there were no funds or support at the time.

5. What do you think is the point behind having such a big and glamorous wedding?
In my opinion I think it’s great that a couple get to share their special day with close family and friends, have a feast to remember and also memories to look back on and also that they could share with their children and grandchildren. This would include the spiritual side, blessings, a union infront of God, sacred……… Although, it is not really necessary for a very big or very glamorous wedding (inviting cousins you haven’t seen since the age of 6).

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