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Your Story: Carmen Shares Her Wedding Story

As a woman, you know that from a very young age, we dream about our big day, we design our wedding dresses in our heads and we role-play the day with our friends as little kids.
Unfortunately, there’s this thing called “Life” and “Life” doesn’t always allow us to have our dreams made into a reality.

However, we do not let that stop us from saying our “I Do’s”.

Carmen shares her wedding story:

 1. What was your wedding day like: Where did you get married? What did you wear? What did you do after the wedding; did you have a reception or did you just head on home?
My wedding day was no fairytale , nothing special to remember just that moment when I came walking on my Husband was crying , I had a very small wedding at Maestro on the beach in Milnerton , Cape Town we only paid for the meals and it was a breakfast wedding , half of our family and friend wasn’t invited Due to Finances.

I hired a wedding dress  that costs me R600.00 where my sister paid Half , we had a photographer that day (27 April 2011) and up until today we haven’t received anything  where my  sister in-law paid for it , I tried making contact with the photographer to surprise my husband but still no luck our wedding ended at 11am and we headed home.

2. Did you have a honeymoon? If Yes, where did you go?

3. If you could do everything over, would you?
Yes, I speak about this all the time, was suppose to do it in April but that was just another dream.

4. Do you envy those that did have the wedding of their dreams?
To be honest yes , because I didn’t have the perfect Bra , shoes and dress. Please don’t get me wrong I still Love them .

5. What do you think is the point behind having such a big and glamorous wedding?
There’s no point it won’t give you a better future or life, it’s just every women’s dream.

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