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Have We Lost our Sense of Integrity?

SPRINGTIME (2).pngWhat is integrity really? I have heard many people label themselves under that word but their attitudes completely kill the meaning.

I’ve had a rough year. Really I have. I will discuss more of it in the next month when I sign off 2016’s events. Right now I want to focus only on this.

I had been lied to. I have been cheated financially. We were robbed.
I have been disappointed so many times in the last seven months and I’ve just had enough.

I’ve had enough of being silent.

I take a person’s word seriously, but your actions speak louder {excuse the cliché}.

If you say you are going to do something, if you promise something – I will believe you. I will trust you. But your words are not as strong as your actions. If your actions differ from your words, you don’t have integrity. Integrity isn’t just about not telling lies and living in honestly, it’s about how you commit those words to actions.

Integrity is a complicated trait to uphold. We have all lied somewhere down the line. We’re human, we make mistakes. But {another cliché} we’re supposed to learn from these mistakes and avoid making them again, not riding the same wave all the time.

321703e37d8fb00989a542511d2f1178Integrity speaks a lot about your character. The character of a person is a complex situation. There are so many traits to consider, which of course, form you to be who you are. As I said before, we’re human and we’re far from perfect but it doesn’t mean we need to sit down and accept that. We can change ourselves to be better, we can train ourselves to succeed in what we put our mind to.

Integrity plays a huge part in this as well. If you lie to people, and you cheat them; steal from them, make empty promises – you don’t have integrity. And if you succeed in your efforts from the above, you’ve failed. You didn’t use good intentions to reach your goal. You tore through people’s lives and you created a chaos that you will never affect you.214822c16284ca00387a9a9320d19b31.jpg

Fortunately for others, that isn’t the case. People don’t easily forgive but forgetting something is even harder, especially a negative situation. It’s true when people say the bad is remembered over the good; when you encounter people in your life that destroy your trust in them, your security and your character as a whole, you don’t forget. There will always be a reminder, no matter how much times passes by. No matter how quickly you get yourself out of the negative space, your opinion of the person that put you there will never change. Yes, you can forgive them, and you can move on, but somewhere down the line you will be faced with reminders.

It’s difficult to trust people that lack integrity. You never know if they could burn you again, and you don’t want to take that chance and find out.


I trust people from the word go. I give my full trust over and it’s up to them to uphold that trust. Some of you might think it’s one of the stupidest things to do but I believe this method shows me a person’s true character. When a person is aware of the trust situation, they’re aware of how much responsibility they have been given and they understand what worth they hold in their hands. If they still break it, being fully aware of the implications, that shows their true character that most people try to hide away. Once again, integrity plans a major role in this but people with no integrity wouldn’t even think twice about the consequences.

These last few months of the year, I have been burned. People that claimed they were high and mighty turned out to be leeches. Putting their needs above others, breaking the law and just not giving a fuck about what they were doing to others. The hypocrisy comes in with them being these huge religious fanatics and preaching to us about being better people while they hide behind their Bibles and steal from others. No character. No integrity.

The comfort comes in with this thought, “What goes up, must come down.”

Have we truly lost our touch on the sense of this quality? Do we truly believe we are all honest and stick to our strong moral principles?

So remember, integrity can’t be justified by speaking and making promises. Integrity comes with justifying your words with your actions. Otherwise, you’re just a big mouth. And a huge douche-bag.



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