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Letters to Monster {51 Months}

Letters to Gremlin (2).png

Dear Monster,

Goodness, a lot of time has passed since I wrote up a letter and the excuse from my side of life happening isn’t a good one.

These last few months have been a rollercoaster for the whole family. It feels like as soon as we hit the end of the year phase, our lives take a slight turn for the worst, and the stress and worry just clouds us over.

We’ve had an exciting few months with you. Since starting your occupational therapy, you’ve shown so much progress and improvement. I cannot tell you how proud I felt when I saw your end of term progress report and saw how much you had improved over a little time. Our journey isn’t at an end yet… Unfortunately, while there is plenty of improvement, there are still one or two red flags that we need to address concerning your development and emotional growth. Even though your speech isn’t where it should be for your age, it is heart-warming that we can at least understand your needs and communicate on the basic ideas of what is needed and what needs to be done.

As you might have noticed by now, Gremlin mimics you the whole time. If you do something, he is right next to you, coping your every move. Which of course puts a lot of pressure on you to set a good example. That’s what you get as the oldest child, I guess. I’m no expert in this field, I was a single child for 18 years and then soon after moved out of my mom’s house. However I understand that there is pressure, because your Dada is the oldest and there is always the pressure looming in the air. You’re doing a fine job so far, my angel.
I know that with all the challenges we already have to face that are already laid down on your plate but I know that your little fighting spirit can handle anything that comes your way.

You never give up until you succeed with what you put your mind to.

I love you always, my Monster.
Your Mama

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