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Letters to Gremlin {16 Months}

Letters to Gremlin.pngDear Gremlin,

I know I haven’t written a letter to you in a while. I kind of went off track with life and other things and I missed the moments to note.

You’ve turned into quite a chatterbox. I mean, every moment you get, you chat. Not that we understand every little babble that escapes your mouth, but we do pick up on a word or five. You’re especially interested in the birds that frequently visit our backyard and always run into the living room asking “where?” referring to the birds. You would think this gets old at some stage, but no, it doesn’t.

You try and copy everything Monster does. See, I don’t know what it’s like to have an older sibling to look up to so this is quite a new experience for me. Seeing you follow in your brother’s footsteps is adorable, and at the same time dangerous. Dangerous because whenever he is naughty, so are you. The whole “Money see, Monkey do” situation. Of course, it’s not possible to watch you guys all the time while you’re playing or exploring, so you two do get up to a lot of mischief.

Your latest past-time activity is irritating your brother. I believe that isn’t your intention and you don’t understand boundaries as well at this age, but Monster doesn’t understand that you just want his attention and to spend time with him. I think we should work on your approach. Maybe instead of falling on top of Monster and trying to ‘bite’ him or walk past him and grab his toys away, we should try and calmly, and cautiously, enter the play. We’ll get there and there might just be a little less tears to deal with.

I suspect you’ve reached the separation anxiety stage because bedtime has become a nightmare. A few weeks ago you were falling asleep on your own with no tears, not even a sound. Now the screaming and shrieking has me fearing the neighbours will be knocking on our front door any day now.
I understand it’s all a phase and it will pass, but while it’s still present, it’s daunting. This is a stage I definitely forgot about. You also want to be constantly picked up and held, which makes for nothing else being done because most actions require both hands.14650173_1334541169891530_7253697655680946152_n

We’ve reached the tantrum stage. Tantrums for everything. I wasn’t ready for the terrible two’s yet, although your brother also surprised me with bringing his tantrums over earlier. There’s a tantrum for everything. Not putting on your shoes quickly enough in the mornings, Monster having a better fork than you, not getting the cool drink you wanted… I can’t keep up with all of them anymore, and sadly enough this won’t be a ‘few months’ thing. So I’m mentally preparing myself for tears and screams for the next three years.

You’re a born dancer. No matter what song comes on, you lose interest in whatever you’re doing and just bust your moves. I mean, we could be anywhere and you will just dance. It reminds me of the saying, “Dance like no one’s watching.”
I can say that you definitely got your love for music from me, and probably thanks to the fact that I listened to music constantly throughout my pregnancy with you as well as after you were born. I’m happy to have left some mark on you.

14572961_1334474836564830_2876496681888551247_nYou’re such a cheerful little boy and you already know how to switch on your charm to get what you want. As soon as the twinkle in your eyes shines and your wide grin appears, we know it’s downwards from there.

I love you so much, my little Gremlin.
Never lose your sparkle.

Love you much,
Your Mama

2 thoughts on “Letters to Gremlin {16 Months}

  1. What lovely thoughts to look back on later on about those trying but lovely moments! My daughter follows my son around and when she was smaller it was always a worry! Definitely important for them never to lose that sparkle.

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