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10 Awesome Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas {Part Three}


Before kids, it was easy getting around to having date nights. You didn’t even need to plan it each time, just decide on the spot and off you were. Ah, the spontaneous days..{Remember those?… Me neither.}

Add kids to the equation: there is no time, everyone is tired, overload of chores waiting for you every night. You forget to buy milk or body wash on some good days, how are you suppose to remember a date night? {More up your alley?}

Let’s not forgetting babysitters who cancel at the last minute. Or don’t even show up. All your planning goes bye-bye.

Maybe you do have the time for date nights and you even have a reliable babysitter{Can I use them for my kids too, maybe? Good things are hard to find!} but you don’t want to overspend as you usually did because you are on a tighter budget now that your grocery list consists mostly of formula and diapers?

Here are some ideas for you to try at home while your kids are sound asleep and out of your way.

1. Vintage Horror Movie

There’s nothing like snuggling up together on the couch and watching an old-time classic movie.89.jpg

2. Home-made Pizza

Ever look at the pizza menu and find nothing you like? Get all the ingredients you would want to see on your pizza and make your own one at home.

3. Book Club

If you’re both into reading books, choose a book you can read together and then discuss what you liked and disliked about it.

4. Wedding Videos

If you had a wedding video made of your special day, dust it off and prop it in. See where your life began together.

5. Sports Game

If you’re not into sports and he is, don’t fret. If he can sit down and watch a tear-jerker movie with you, you can watch a game with him.

6. Backyard Picnic

You don’t need to travel anywhere further but your backyard in order to have a pincic. Lay out a blanket, pack in a few finger foods and spend the evening chatting and looking at the stars.strawberry-drink-1412313_960_720.jpg

7. Decorate Mugs

Why not make personalised mugs for each other? You don’t need to have any made by anyone but yourselves. Purchase white mugs, get sharpies and decorate mugs for each other.flower-1588675_960_720.jpg

8. Bubble Bath

If you’re lucky enough to have a big bath, I would advice using it. Light up some candles, fill the bath with bubble bath, even light up an incense stick, and enjoy each other’s company.

9. Breakfast in Bed

Who says breakfast should only be eating in the mornings? Pack away dinner, bring out some breakfast snacks and enjoy being a little carefree.

10. A Year in Review

Reflect back on the year you had. Discuss the different struggles you had, emotions you felt and talk about the year you’re planning to have.

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