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The Stigma of Being Russian

image-21I hate telling people I’m Russian.
As soon as that word is uttered, you can see their minds racing with questions and responses, often inappropriate ones.

Some of the questions and responses I’ve heard from people:

I mean, come on! Where do these people get their ideas from? Surely, somewhere with these those running around in their heads, common sense must kick in??

I feel uncomfortable telling people I’m Russian because I’m automatically placed on a pedestal. Then I’m evaluated as if I’m some kind of rare zoo animal.

High school was horrible in this sense. Boys only liked me and gave me attention because they believed that I would be easy to get into bed. Movies with Russian girls send out the wrong messages because most of the times, the girls are either strippers or prostitutes. I was associated with those stigmas. I eventually retorted to one of the guys, saying that vajajay’s are the same here as they are in other countries. There is nothing rare or special about them.

I often don’t introduce myself as Russian because of the negative attention it brings. Usually others will mention it for me during introductions because I choose to shut up about it, and for once experience being treated like a normal human being. Unfortunately my name doesn’t help. Anastasiya is pretty down right Russian so I usually introduce myself as Annie to simplify the explanations.

What’s more is that I feel uncomfortable around women who hear the mens’ responses because it seems to be that some of them BELIEVE that I enjoy the attention it brings. Do I enjoy being viewed as an object to screw? Is that what all women actually want? To be regarded as an object instead of a normal human being?

No matter how many people I meet, men especially, will still classify me in certain ways and insult me with the things they assume and say. The fact that I’m married doesn’t help with keeping insults and suggestions at bay.

I want people to admire me for the rich culture Russia is known for, not disrespect me because of the stigma surrounding my nationality.

Post Conclusion

6 thoughts on “The Stigma of Being Russian

  1. Not all Russian people depicted in movies are bad! When I think Russian funny enough it’s the 1997 film Anastasia! šŸ˜Š You remind me of the Princess

    1. I agree. I think I’ve been watching the wrong movies because most Hollywood movies, when Russians are mentioned, they’re the bad ones and I just want to jump off the couch and go and slap the person who decided on the idea!

      I was named after the Duchess actually šŸ™‚

  2. when my mother turned 60 she taught herself to read Russian.
    I still have the Russian dictionary I bought for her on my shelf.
    Literature and history. We were ‘raised’ on Chekhov plays.

  3. Atleast we all weren’t that mean to you back in the day ;-).
    Don’t let people’s opinion of who you are based on where you come from get you down, not everyone sees you that way, atleast i never did, you where just awesome because you where different from every gril.
    Stay silly and stay yourself nas.

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