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{Win} Daydreams Colouring In Book Set from Monique Day-Wilde

colorI love colouring in. Like a lot. Like maybe a little too much!
In other words, when I start adding colour to a picture, I cannot stop until I have completed it. Which is of course a problem when it comes to attending every day rituals such as cooking and cleaning {my bad…}.

Now as much as I love all sorts of types of colouring books, there are a certain few that stand out to me. They all fall under two categories; they are local {South African} and they are hand drawn.

There is nothing more personal than having something hand drawn or hand  made. Sure, digital is cool. But there is just something a little more when it’s hand drawn. It’s more personal. It’s inspiring. And it’s appreciated more. Artists are certainly not given enough credit out there for their work and it’s a shame that we cannot see the beauty of their art for what it is!IMG_20160906_150309.jpg

A few months ago, I purchased two of Monique Day-Wilde‘s colouring in books; Garden Daydreams and Winged Daydreams, and I tell you, I fell in love. The drawings are all unique yet have a similar pattern to express the style and uniqueness of the artist. There is a distinctive pattern that shines through to mark these drawings as Monique’s own and I love it. How else to you leave a print on your work, marking it as yours to stand apart from all the rest out there?IMG_20160906_150212.jpg

Bonus: Monique is South African and I’m avid supporter of local things! We have so much talent hidden in South Africa, and without each other’s help, how are we going to help those talents grow and magnify? Get my point here?

Anywho, because I LOVE colouring in books, and I know I have some fellow readers who love them too, I got to thinking – how about a giveaway? How about spoiling one reader with a full set of Monique’s Daydreams books? The set includes the Town Daydreams, Winged Daydreams, Country Daydreams and Garden Daydreams; each unique and formatted to spark up suppressed daydreams as you colour away!image003.jpg

Yep, that’s happening. It’s happening. Everyone calm down!

Getting your entry in is as simple as:
1. Clicking on the link here to enter the giveaway*: Daydreams Colouring Book Set by Monique Day-Wilde Giveaway
2. SHARING on any of your social media platforms by clicking on the easy share buttons below.

*All entries on Rafflecopter are moderated. If you select that you have completed the prompt to enter but haven’t done it, you entries will be removed. Be nice. Play it safe. Do it right.

A few important details to keep in mind:

Please read the rules for all competitions hosted on this blog – Competition T & C’s
Competition is open only to those living in SOUTH AFRICA.

5th October {Wednesday}:
Cut off date for all submissions.

7th October {Friday}: Winner will be announced and emailed.

Good luck to all entrants!

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12 thoughts on “{Win} Daydreams Colouring In Book Set from Monique Day-Wilde

  1. Absolutely love these books. I already have all 4 in the series and 4 more on their way to Australia. I never tire of the images and intend buying “back up” books soon. So here’s holding thumbs I’m a winner.

  2. I too bought the first two books a few months ago and I love them. Such a lovely style which is unique and I like to think very South African – all our gorgeous indigenous plants among the pictures too. Now to find a 72 hour day to fit everything in and a pot of gold for all the supplies I wish I had! XXX Love your blog, easy reading and ooops sounds familiar so often too.

  3. My favorite coloring books are definitely any of the four books that Monique Day-Wilde created. Just love them all, especially Country Daydreams

  4. I absolutely love intricate detailed scenes, whether they be landscapes, nature or mandalas. Grey scale is also a favorite of mine. We have so much amazing talent right here in SA all with their own unique styles. Fingers crossed tightly!! Love Monique’s books ❤

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