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The Secret Life of Pets is a Must Watch Movie {Quick Review}

I must admit, when I see a new animation movie released, I feel excited and a bit anxious at the same time. Excited because the current favourite movie in my home will stopped being watched on repeat. Anxious because a new movie will now be watched on repeat. You gotta love the mom life.

I saw the trailer for the movie a few months ago and I couldn’t wait to watch the movie myself! Even Monster laughed every time he watched it with me.

So when I heard I won tickets to see the pre-release screening of the movie for the (past) Saturday, I was over the moon.
(Thank you again Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After and Ster Kinekor!)

First opinion of the movie? I loved it! Monster loved it! Byren loved it! My friend, Melody, loved it!img_20160924_131307

There wasn’t a moment during the movie where I was bored or distracted with something else, my focus was kept the whole time on the movie. And we got to watch it in 3D which proved to be quite entertaining!

I take my hat off to whoever came up with this idea. It must have a taken a lot of imagination, as well as some secret pet watching, to have created the concept! I have never thought about what pets might do while you’re not home, but Max’s story seems pretty on point.

Now I don’t want to give out too much details about this movie as it’s only being released on the 30th of September so I’ll keep this short and simple.57d8128b80281160e43362a20c82573d.jpg
The movie was very entertaining. It was funny, and adventurous and inspiring at the same time. What I loved about it probably the most is that the emotional intellect was kept at a low. You could still feel the emotion when there was a happy scene or a sad scene; the sad scenes weren’t stretched out or made out to be complicated. So for younger viewers (a.k.a. starting with toddlers), there would still be an understanding of what was happening in front of them, without being overwhelmed by the emotions or lacking in understanding them to the capacity an adult would.

Would I recommend this movie? DEFINITELY!6168beeb74d25d514d28ef9000e98a9e.jpg

It releases this Friday in South Africa so be sure to catch it on the big screen!


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