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Secret Sunset | The Place You Need to Be

14324423_670369386447500_5658897679502430305_oI’m sure everyone by now must have heard about the Secret Sunrise and Secret Sunset events.
If you haven’t, you’re definitely living under a rock… And it’s time to dance your way out from under it.

I first noticed the event happening in Cape Town and I could feel my heart sink into my shoes because I lived too far away. Then I found out that the event is also hosted in Jo’burg and still I couldn’t attend.
Then the organizers created the Pretoria edition and I was jumping for joy.

Now for those not entirely familiar with Secret Sunrise/Sunset… It is a gathering of individuals of all ages who get the opportunity to express themselves through dance; connecting with themselves, and with others. Most of all, leveling their inner selves with peace and tranquility.14372063_670359059781866_2686646374545848833_o

I missed the first event in Pretoria although my friends’ that were there made me green with envy when they told me about the amount of fun they had.

So I made sure I was attending the next one. They really do live up to their name with the “Secret” part. No, we don’t get all the details as soon as the date is announced for the upcoming event. It comes in bit and pieces. A few days before the event, the area; a few days closer, the theme. Lastly, the actual address. I must say, being a detailed person, I was hanging in anticipation about knowing all the details so I could be prepared through and through. This anticipation paid off because by the time I set foot at the venue, I was bubbling inside to get the show going!

Arriving at the Waterkloof Golf Club, I just saw peeps dressed in onesies EVERYWHERE (yes, the theme was “onesies”. Every kind you could think of; cow, cheetah, panda and I’m pretty sure I saw a unicorn one!

An hour before the actual event started, anyone was welcome to attend a free yoga offered to the public {I decided to skip this as I’m not sure my flexibility would allow me to move much after three years of no exercising…}14362618_670359793115126_5766730248020394185_o

Finally, standing in line to pick up my headphones, the anticipation reached its peak. It was happening!

We stood outside on the field, and I was a little nervous. I mean, sure, I didn’t know anyone there except the friends I came with, but I still didn’t want to make a fool of myself.

That worry disappeared as soon as the music came on. Only those wearing headphones could hear the music and any instructions given were only heard through your headphones.14324633_670366386447800_1603836856681080085_o.jpg

It began with letting go. Letting go of any stress and troubles you were experiencing in your life and thinking of just the moment you were in. Surrounded by like-minded people, all of which were rejecting the harsh realities of life and stepping into our own little worlds.14380096_670358436448595_8011959837543758596_o

Then came the dancing. No one was bothered with how they were moving because the people surrounding you were doing the exact same thing, just in their own style and emotion.14352027_670363186448120_888807129249334318_o.jpg

You didn’t just connect with your own inner being but with strangers around you, pairing with them; dancing, breaking down personal boundaries and lots and lots of hugging! At one point we were instructed to hold hands, and we were formed with a line, each personal – family, friend, and stranger – was one. The interesting part came in when the instructions came through about forming a knot, the tightest know we could master, and you couldn’t let go of the people’s hands you were holding? Was it challenging? Yes. Did we accomplish it? Yes. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was tangled between others in some or other form. I cannot tell you how many arms were stretched over my head (perks of being shorter than most)… But it was beautiful. Beautiful to see a group of strangers overcome whatever obstacles they may had had and become one with everyone there.

Of course, the group hug at the end was the best. I don’t mean a group hug of five or six people, I’m talking of about 100 people; gathered in the middle and spreading outwards, personal bubbles being popped, hands and arms interlocked, and smiles as far as the dim lighting surrounding us allowed me to see.

The session ended off with a wonderful tone; reminding us of lost friendships {the irony is that I have been arguing with myself for the last week about mending a dear friendship I had lost} and inspiring us to mend what has been broken if we truly desired to.

I truly enjoyed being here, with everyone else. Dancing under the stars and the moonlight, feeling the freedom of expression, listening to my inner voice telling me to let go of troubles following me around and allowing myself to find my core and draw out the happiness that I may have buried inside.

Do yourself a favor and attend one of the Secret Sunrise/Sunset events. You won’t regret it. Even if you are shy, prefer being on your own or afraid to make a fool out of yourself.
Everyone around you might be feeling the same, but in the end, we are all connected with each other, and the more positive energy we release, the more contagious the warmth, smiles and laughter becomes.14352154_670369253114180_2477772235451636015_o.jpg


2 thoughts on “Secret Sunset | The Place You Need to Be

  1. Sounds amazing! I have been wanting to go to one in Cape Town so you’ve just reminded me to get my butt in gear and find out about when the next one is happening. Thank you 🙂

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