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CLOSED {Win} Essence Nail Polish and Funky Eyeliners

So I love free things. Don’t you?
Of course you do!

So recently I have been booming with a happy mood with things happening and I felt like I needed to spread the good mood. You know, share the happiness.

So I thought why not spoil two of my readers with something to make them feel pretty and funky!

I’ve been dwelling in the Essence realm of things! You know, beauty products, make up, make your nails pretty kind of stuff?

I love their nail polish ranges, especially the Gel one! They work like a charm, with little smudge (unless you’re always in a rush like me), the polish lasts long on your nails and doesn’t chip away. Basically, I’m selling a product to you like it’s the next thing since sliced bread.

It got me thinking, I love this product so much! Why don’t I share these goodies with two of my lucky readers?

Yes yes, I know you’re sold. Just give you the link to enter the giveaway, right?
Hold on for a little longer, I have more GREAT news!

These two lucky winners will not only walk away with six awesome nail polishes, but four eyeliners from Essence as well.


“You gotta love me now ;)”

So there you have it; two lucky readers stand to win six awesome Gel nail polishes from Essence as well as four eyeliners each!

Yum Yum!!

A few details to keep in mind, of course.

Please read the rules for all competitions hosted on this blog – Competition T & C’s

23rd September – Cut off date for all submissions!

26th September – Winners will be announced and emailed.

Are you ready to enter now?
There are two entry links, one for each “hamper” as there are a few different colored nail polishes.

See which one you like and enter on that link…




Click here to enter the giveaway for this “hamper”!





Click here to enter the giveaway for this “hamper”!



Post Conclusion

17 thoughts on “CLOSED {Win} Essence Nail Polish and Funky Eyeliners

  1. This is such an awesome giveaway. I’m crossing all fingers and toes and hoping I win. I’m a total essence junkie and this would just make my year…

  2. Oohhh Essence has always been my favourite. They have those fluff options as well. It’s like a top coat over a colour. But it gives it an awesome texture. And their eyeliner is the only one that doesn’t smudge on my eyes. I haven’t put on nail polish in such a long time. Pregnant with baby #2 and inbetween being a Stay at home mom that runs her own businesses I never have the time anymore to pamper myself. This will make me make time out for myself!

    Thank you for the blog post!!

  3. LOVE this give away. I am more of a neutral and soft colour person. So I like the light pink.

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