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Essence Nail Polish Remover Pads {Review}

So I’m not the most girly girl on the block. I’m comfortable with flat shoes, jeans, a t-shirt and messy hair.

However, from time to time, I enjoy working up a do! One of the things involves doing my nails from time to time. I don’t usually bother with them, because with two busy boys, I can’t ever really grow them out in case I injure one of them.

But since coming across Essence’s nail polish range, I have fallen in love with making my nails look pretty.

While browsing through their nail care range, I came across this little gem!

I love these nail polish remover pads from Essence! Love love love!img_20160907_103209

Not only do they smell fruity and yummy, they are completely acetone-free! Which is a big plus because acetone leaves my nails weak and brittle, then I can’t do anything with them. {And also who likes ugly nails, right?)

So I’ve given up my Cutex removers and replaced them with these pads. They remove the nail polish with ease and also moisturize your nails at the same time. Bonus much? It comes with 30 pads and it’s only R34. Not a lot to pay for quality and convenience!

I’m one of those commit to a brand kind of girls! If I like a product, and of course, it works for me, I stick to it and I’m not easily moved.

Ladies, I can really recommend this product if you love your nails and want to take proper care of them – then this is for you!

Want to buy it? Find it here on TakeaLot!

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One thought on “Essence Nail Polish Remover Pads {Review}

  1. Essence has amazing products for such a good price. I found pads similar to these at Dischem to R9,99, but they leave my nails with a white film. Nothing that puts me off, but I’ll definitely try these Essence ones when I spot them. I’ve been looking out for them in store, but never see them. Are they only available on Takealot?

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