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25 to 26 Birthday To Do List – Update

So remember just after my birthday last year, I created a list of to do’s of things that I want to complete before my next birthday (this year).


I must admit I have been slacking a little with my birthday resolutions – I don’t think I have even completed most of the list and there are four months left until November.
I’ll need to pick up my game if I want to at least complete the majority of the list.

So here is the list as follows with where the results currently lie:

  1. Have a picnic date night with hubby
  2. Feature on Parents24
  3. Fit into my Polka Dot jeans
  4. Have a Superhero’s themed family photoshoot
  5. Write a piece on a national event
  6. Watch a movie at a cinema
  7. Reach 600 followers on my blog
  8. Attend a play date
  9. Get myself a bookshelf
  10. Go to a driving range
  11. Go ice-skating
  12. Read 15 books
  13. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  14. Cut out bread and sugar for a month
  15. Have a dress up themed girl’s night
  16. Write a short story
  17. Create ten doodle drawings
  18. Complete a Sudoku puzzle without checking for hints
  19. Stop drinking for a year
  20. Cook a traditional South African meal

Okay, this really sucks balls. I haven’t even done a quarter of the list I made and I’m running out of time. So even if I at least get to doing half of the list, it will stand on better grounds than the ones I am on now.

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