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Product Review | Grobaby’s Knot-a-Bag


“It’s not a bag until you knot it.”

So this product is a life-saver! Grobaby has found a way to assist moms in saving money as well as making their lives easier.

I have noticed how many nappy bags I have wasted by not using them to their full extent.

With these Knot-a- Bags, I can use only the amount I need. There’s a small blade inside the container which assists you with tearing off the size that you need. Therefore there is no waste and in the long, you can use this product for a longer period of time.

The bonus is that you don’t have to use this for dirty nappies only, it has many uses:

  • Dirty and wet clothes
  • Camping
  • Rubbish
  • In the car
  • Travelling
  • Pet poop

A all-in-one product for uses on the go. Never again be stranded in a dilemma where you bath in embarrassment because you’re not prepared.

The refills are bought separately and in all honesty, it took me about seven months to add the refill pack because you don’t need to use as much for the need at hand.

Another bonus is that it is scented so there is no odor hanging around you or drifting out of the nappy bag next to you. How’s that for a face save?

Would I recommend this product?
EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! This is a must-have for all parents!

Thank you, Grobaby, for this amazing product!

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