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Book Review | Grey: 50 Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by E L James


Pages: 576 {Paperback}
Published: June 2015

Rating: 6 out of 10

So a few weeks ago I didn’t even know the book existed, and now I’ve managed to read it in under a week.

So you get to understand Christian Grey a little better by reading a book that is written from his dark and indecent perspective, right? Nope. Not even close.

I was expecting to have a little more insight into the mind of the lustful Mr Grey, but instead, I read the first book {50 Shades of Grey, May 2011} in the same format with swear words falling from each direction, and a few nightmares brought to the surface.

After completing the book, I didn’t feel a step closer to understanding the mysterious, BDSM-obsessed tyrant of a man. Except the fact that he talks about his junk as if it’s a body part that’s not attached to his body {kind of like an outer body experience}, and also his inner monologue was a complete bore. Whatever he told himself in his head and whatever his inner perverted/aggressive voice answered – was exactly the same. There was no roller coaster of even the slightest emotions. *Yawn*….

Yes, we all know, he is “…50 Shades of Fucked Up…“, however, he is still a human being and obviously still deeply affected by his past. None, I didn’t get a reading on that anywhere in the book. It’s like it was there, somewhere, a spec, and nothing more. What perspective was the book really giving us into his mind at the end of the day?

I skipped over all the steaming, pain filled sexual parts of the book because I cannot wrap my head around how a recent has-been virgin is suddenly into being blindfolded, cuffed and spanked to the extent that her behind shines with a rosy light. In other words, unrealistic. Sorry *shrugs*.

If the whole point of the book was to understand Grey, it missed the mark. I am no closer to solving the Christian ‘Pain-for-Pleasure‘ Grey enigma than I was finishing the original trilogy.

The book, however, ends on a cliffhanger. So I’m hoping – really hoping – this will turn into another trilogy. I do feel that the only deal that will save this book will be the remaining two BLOWING our minds into oblivion; with the only comforting thought we have is that we now – finally– understand who the hell Christian Grey is and just what his deal is with control and inflicting painful pleasure on his partners (because admit it, we are all a little curious about that specific part ).



2 thoughts on “Book Review | Grey: 50 Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by E L James

  1. So it’s not worth reading then? Because I don’t enjoy books that offer an alternative POV when it often seems like the same story regurgitated in a different voice in an attempt to make more money off a story.

    1. It really is the same story, just told by someone else.
      That’s why I hope that if the author does publish more books, it better explain a lite more than the original trilogy.

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