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“To the Mom Who Judged My Kid’s Clothes” Radio Interview with FeelGood FM

So so so! A while back I published a post about a mommy-stranger who took me on in public about where I buy my kid’s clothes and how I should prioritise my budget better. As I mentioned in the article, I have no idea who the lady was, and I was extremely taken back by what was said to me.

Usually, I brush off remarks about myself, but when it comes to my family and friends – don’t unleash the beast inside of me. I’m a fairly calm person, but when I’m mad, I’m a very different person.

However, on the day of the incident, my mind was not set on defence. You can read the full blog post here “To the Mom who Judged My Kid’s Clothes“.

After the post went wild; shared so many times it reached readers across the world. It was mentioned on Parent24; Don’t judge me cause my kid wears PEP clothes and it landed up in FeelGood FM’s inbox. For those not aware, FeelGood FM is the radio station keeping us PEP shoppers entertained. Neo, station manager of FeelGood FM, reached out to me to talk to me about the post and also asked me to feature on their show Magic Moments.

You can listen to the full show by clicking on the link above.

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2 thoughts on ““To the Mom Who Judged My Kid’s Clothes” Radio Interview with FeelGood FM

  1. AAAAh this is amaaazing Anastasiya!!! I loved that post of yours!!! And I loved that you proudly represented all of us moms whose kids’ character does not depend on the brand they wear : ) Well done!!!!

  2. loved reading your post about PEP…my middle child is tactile defensive and will only cope with the PEP undies, shorts and tea shirts. I bought some great shorts there a few months ago which cost about R30…a friend of mine thought we had bought them at the same shop…she paid R350 and I couldn’t see any difference except for the label on the inside! I am a middle income family and I really can’t be bothered with designer clothes for my kids ( or me).

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