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Blog Series | Once Upon a Time, I Saw the Ocean by Cassarica Nadas

I stumbled upon this lovely lady, Cassarica, recently and have been moved by her storyonce upon a time 3.JPG.

They say we need to look at the world through a child’s eyes…

Here is her story:

I suffer from an eye disease called Keratoconus (or KC as it is abbreviated.)  KC  is a progressive eye disease where the cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. Light is deflected as it enters the eye on its way to the light-sensitive retina, causing distorted vision. There is no cure for KC but there treatments available to stop the progression.

Basically, I have really bad eyesight and I only found out I had the disease at age 22.

Living with KC my entire life gave me a bit of a disadvantage – I couldn’t get a drivers license, I couldn’t read anything that was not 10 cm away from my face, I couldn’t tell when someone was greeting me from across the room and I always hurt myself on door frames because of my bad depth perception. The worst part was that I am a visual person and love to do art such as painting and drawing. I also love to admire the beauty of the world I live in, having KC didn’t stop me but it certainly put a damper on things when I couldn’t see the details of a leaf or I couldn’t paint a line because I couldn’t see.

After finding out I had the disease, my boyfriend Gareth did everything he could to get me the correct treatments. We visit a specialist who told me I needed to go for a procedure called cross-linking to stop the progression of KC. A few months after the surgery  I was told I could get contact lens and that I would have clear vision, something I had never experienced before.

When the day came to get my contact lens I didn’t expect much but I was so surprised after I put the contact lens in, that I could finally see and what I had been missing my whole life. Everything was brighter, full of colour and I could see every detail crystal clear. For the first time, I saw how amazing my boyfriend’s green eyes were and I was in awe.

Being able to see properly for the first time was like being a newborn baby, who is curious about the world around her. I was amazed at how much detail was around me, no longer were lines and colours blurred into one. We took a trip back to our hometown during December and all I wanted to do was see the ocean.

I kept nagging Gareth to take me, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I just thought I would see the big blue ocean and play around in the water a bit but little did I know I was about to see one of the most wonderful and significant things in my entire life.

I had seen the ocean a million times, living in the coastal town of Port Elizabeth I would spend a lot of time on the beach but I had never truly seen it till one warm Saturday afternoon when we took a drive to Summer Strand to see the sea.

I remember driving down Marine Drive, the main road at the beach front and as we got closer I could see the light dancing on the waves and the excitement built up from deep within me as I gained the full view of the big blue that was right in front of me. It was marvelous.

In that moment,  I was so overwhelmed. I could not believe I had lived my entire life without experiencing the true beauty of the ocean and that it was right there in front of me, and I was seeing it for the first time in all it’s magnificence. Right then, I started crying because I had never experienced something as amazing as seeing the ocean for the first time.

Seeing the ocean clearly, gave me an immense feeling of gratitude towards my new ability to see. I am so thankful that everything fell into place for me to get the treatment I needed in order to have normal vision. I am blessed to have a loving boyfriend who gave me the best gift a girl could ever have and that is the gift of sight.once upon a time 2.jpg

Once upon a time, I saw the ocean and it was the most breathtaking experience of my life. It also reminded me of how much we can sometimes take our normal abilities for granted. This experience has great significance as it is reminds me of how precious sight is. once upon a time.JPG

About Cassarica:

My name is Cassarica Nadas and I am blogger at www.amazeblog.com, a brand ambassador for Garnier Pure Active and the creator of The Blog Tag.  I love writing and that is why I started my blog.  I am also quite involved with The Blog Tag which is an initiative to encourage writing by proving writing prompts for bloggers. When I am not writing up a storm, you will find me chilling with my other half Gareth, our 3 chinchillas and a fish in our apartment in Johannesburg South Africa. I love going to the theater, watching movies, cooking up a storm, dabbling in different forms of art and relaxing in a tub all of which you will get a glimpse of on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Blog Series | Once Upon a Time, I Saw the Ocean by Cassarica Nadas

  1. This is a really beautiful story and thank you for sharing it. Cassarica, I am so happy for you to have experienced the visual magnificence of the ocean!

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