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The Worst Baby Advice I Have Received

279770_502447873100868_554438682_oAs a first time mom, you’ve got no idea what is waiting for you when your baby finally enters the world.
And from every side of the universe, you’re thrown with advice. Moms. Grandmoms. Aunts. Friends.
You hear some of the advice and you think to yourself, “Is that even real?” and “Is this possible?”.

I’d like to share some of the advice I received while I was pregnant with Monster, and then some of the advice I received while I was pregnant with Gremlin. And let me tell you, I will never suggest any of these to others.

Wake Your Newborn Every Three Hours for a Feed
I was told by one of the nurses in the Maternity Ward to wake my baby {Monster} up every three hours for a feed. I took this advice very seriously. I was paranoid that my boy would die of hunger if he wasn’t waking every three hours. After about two weeks of no sleep, I was chatting to CupcakeMummy on Twitter and she told me to leave Monster to sleep and that he would wake when he was hungry {on his own}. Lo and behold, I was getting five hours of sleep in every night. Thank you, lady, and this is definitely advice I would share with others.

Eat Less, Not More
I remember while I was pregnant with Gremlin, I was sitting in a restaurant having a yummy {and healthy} lunch when a lady from the booth across from mine leaned in and asked, “Aren’t you eating a little too much for a pregnant lady? Too much is not good for the baby. You’ll pop out a baby the size of a watermelon.” Not the weight, the size!!

Sunbathing Nude
While I was breastfeeding Monster, I remember having a few troubles with latching at some stage, causing me a lot of sensitivity and discomfort. While sitting among some friends, the conversation turned to breastfeeding. An older lady spoke up, “I use to sunbath nude so that the sun would harden my nipples which made breastfeeding my kids a breeze.” One of my friends tried it. She informed the rest of us it was a bunch of crap.

Preventing Colic
One of my friend’s Grandmoms told me that the best way to prevent colic was to put socks on the baby’s feet. I did my research. This doesn’t work.

Shave It All Off
Monster really had trouble with growing any hair up until he was a year old. Someone suggested to shave off all the hair he had at that time because it would help his hair grow faster. I don’t think so. Besides, he didn’t even have anything to shave off!

Don’t Hold Them Too Much
I was told not hold Monster too much in my arms when he was crying or wouldn’t sleep because it would spoil him and not allow him to grow up independently. I’ve had my second baby and held him as much as I did my first. Both go to bed on their own with no issues and are not attached to my hip. Advice Piece = Fail.

Little Band of Manipulators
I was told to not trust Monster with all his crying for attention and so forth. Why? Because babies, and to be more specific newborns, manipulate adults to get their way on things? We’re all giving birth to Baby Geniuses, watch out.

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps
Sure, sure – should I also do the dishes while the baby does the dishes? The same idea with cleaning? Cooking? Stupidest advice ever.

Here are some moms that share the worst advice they have received:

“This sounds ridiculous but when my eldest was just 2 months old…I was told I have to cute a fringe for her because the small hairs that touch her face would make her blind….Lol…I was a 1st time mum and young still so I just listened….Worst mistake ever as her hair has never been the same again….”
Umeshani, 30 with three children

“Put a tight hat on when the baby sleeps so she can get a better shaped head.”
Nirvana, 33 with two children

“You’ll create a rod for your own back if you carry your babies too much.”
Samantha, 36 with four children

“The worst advise I received was don’t spoil your baby by carrying her all the time… Guess what, they grow faster than you think and if you don’t use the time to bond, u’ll never get it again….” Devi, 37 with two children

Post Conclusion

7 thoughts on “The Worst Baby Advice I Have Received

  1. It is only after you had your first baby that you realize how many stupid things were said to you. I ignored the staff in the hospital and just let my baby sleep, as one of my friends told me that piece of advise beforehand. If they asked, I just said “she just ate”. She was sleeping through the night at 14 weeks, blissful. I think the second one will be much less stress, as I also used to listen to everything said to me. Now I just nod and smile, and let it fly out of the other ear šŸ™‚

    1. Exactly that. You know what is best for you and if someone else’s advice works for you – great. But not every bit of advice is worth trying.

      Thanks for the comment šŸ™‚

  2. This was hilarious to read. I have a 2 month old and 7 year old & I’m getting so much advise all over again *rolls eyes* can’t they see that the 7 year old turned out just fine???!!

  3. Don’t let baby sleep with you ever! They will never get out of your bed and will be spoilt.. bed sharing saved me my sanity and made sleeping and breastfeeding so much easier.

    Don’t feed baby constantly- they will make you a dummy! Thanks to feeding on demand I have had a great supply for the past 3.5years for both my kids (yes back to back nursing no bottles/supplementary feeds of formula). And my first toddler weaned gently at 23 months!

    I think the worst is when friends give you advice because it comforts them ( they convince themselves what they did was the best thing ever and you must do it too – sadly no I don’t like the way you did it and no I won’t be following your tips or advice on child rearing ever!!)

    1. It is sad to think that people who have been through a parenting stage assume that what they did will work for everyone else. Children all differ and we need to adapt to what works for baby and ourselves.
      Good on you for following your instincts!

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