Random Thoughts

20 Things that Matter More than those Last Two KGs


  1. Cupcakes! Brightly coloured and sprinkled with happiness.
  2. Your mom’s cooking. You know you can never say no to that lasagne or cheesecake made with love.
  3. Breakfast in bed with that fabulous book you’ve buried your nose in.
  4. The fact that your body is strong, healthy and not in pain.
  5. Your man won’t be checking out the scales while you’re standing on them, but he will notice you trying to hide yourself whenever you’re naked.
  6. Legs strong enough to hike all the way to the top of a hill.
  7. Magic underwear. How do you think your gran has been pulling it off all these years?
  8. A dress that hugs your curves in all the right places.
  9. The pizza evenings that are responsible for that extra weight.
  10. Travelling to other countries and trying out all the national dishes.
  11. Birthday cake. We need the reason to celebrate and eat it.
  12. Careers, buying a home… Real life stuff.
  13. Saving the environment and world peace. Stuff that matter.
  14. Friends that are kind enough to only keep the good photos.
  15. Watching your favourite series or movies accompanied by snacks.
  16. Dissecting your love life over sushi and a bottle of wine.
  17. Heels that make your legs look so amazing, no one notices anything else about you.
  18. Cooking something delicious for guests or them cooking up something for you.
  19. Having drinks at a hot new local bar with some friends.
  20. It’s just two kilograms – not 20.

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