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16 Arguments Parents Should Have BEFORE Baby Arrives


There are certain things that need to be discussed before the baby arrives. Although some are more on the serious side, others will leave you thinking, “Is that something I should be considering?”

1. Unusual baby name or take a pick at the classics?
2. Vaccinate or “Keep that needle away from my kid!”?
3. Soothing: Pacifiers or thumbs?
4. Placenta: Stash it in the doggy bag or throw into the medical waste?
5. If Bottlefeeding: Cold formula or warm that stuff up?
6. Help the baby to sleep or let them cry it out?
7. Spanking or time-out?
8. Family bed or “We bought the camping cot for a reason!”
9. His last name, her last name or a bit of both?
10. Should Godparents be family or friends?
11. Boob, bottle or a mixture of both?
12. How long is TOO long to go without sex?
13. All-Natural birth or “You give me my drugs as soon as I walk in?”
14. Dad during delivery: at the head or down below?
15. Baby talk or teach the kid to speak ‘adult’ as they will further on?
16. Calling each other Mommy and Daddy – sorta weird or sorta cute?
This article was previously published on Mamahood SA.

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