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10 Awesome Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas {Part Two}


Before kids, it was easy getting around to having date nights. You didn’t even need to plan it each time, just decide on the spot and off you were. Ah, the spontaneous days.. {Remember those?… Me neither.}

Add kids to the equation: there is no time, everyone is tired, overload of chores waiting for you every night. You forget to buy milk or body wash on some good days, how are you suppose to remember a date night? {More up your alley?}

Let’s not forgetting babysitters who cancel at the last minute. Or don’t even show up. All your planning goes bye-bye.

Maybe you do have the time for date nights and you even have a reliable babysitter {Can I use them for my kids too, maybe? Good things are hard to find!} but you don’t want to overspend as you usually did because you are on a tighter budget now that your grocery list consists mostly of formula and diapers?

Here are some ideas for you to try at home while your kids are sound asleep and out of your way.

  1. Bucket List
    Turn your date night into an adventure planning evening. Plan your bucket list together on things you want to do and to experience.
  2. YouTube It
    There are thousands upon thousands of videos to be found on YouTube that will leave you in tears of laughter. Spend the evening together surfing videos and working those abs from laughing.
  3. Backyard Camping
    Pack out the tent in your backyard, order takeout and spend the night camping in your backyard.
  4. Massage Therapy
    Do a little research on different massage techniques, grab some oils and/or lotions and spoil each other with a massage.
  5. Pinterest Project
    Use Pinterest to find an interest DIY project that you both would participate in. When done, use it as decor in your home.
  6. Water Fight
    Cool down in the heat by engaging in a water fight. You don’t need to have water guns to rise to the occasion, buckets and hoses work just as well.
  7. Movie Marathon
    Both of you make selections of movies you’d like to watch, make a bunch of popcorn and sink into the sofa for a great movie marathon.
  8. Baking
    Bake some yummy cookies together and eat them warm right out of the oven.
  9. Down Memory Lane
    Dig out the old photo albums and flip through the pages together, remembering the precious memories and laughing at whatever mishaps came over your path.
  10. Back to Basics
    Prepare a “finger foods only” dinner and feed each other. I know some are against it with germ phobias but this is a pretty amazing gesture to share the love.

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