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10 Awesome Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

3279701951_bf7930365c_z-e1380023714167Before kids, it was easy getting around to having date nights. You didn’t even need to plan it each time, just decide on the spot and off you were. Ah, the spontaneous days.. {Remember those?… Me neither.}

Add kids to the equation: there is no time, everyone is tired, overload of chores waiting for you every night. You forget to buy milk or body wash on some good days, how are you suppose to remember a date night? {More up your alley?}

Let’s not forgetting babysitters who cancel at the last minute. Or don’t even show up. All your planning goes bye-bye.

Maybe you do have the time for date nights and you even have a reliable babysitter {Can I use them for my kids too, maybe? Good things are hard to find!} but you don’t want to overspend as you usually did because you are on a tighter budget now that your grocery list consists mostly of formula and diapers?

Here are some ideas for you to try at home while your kids are sound asleep and out of your way.

  1. Finger Painting
    I know what you’re thinking. This is child’s play. If you wanted to paint, you’d wake your kids and let them paints the walls {again}. But before you scroll by, think about the fun. Choose some famous art pieces and try to recreate them. Try doing portraits of each other. Hang these up in your home as decor.
  2. Game Night
    Yes, another kids activity. But think of a few twists and turns for the rewards. Take out the dusted board games, get out the popcorn and spend a fun night together.
  3. Fake Vacation
    Okay, this one might need a bit of imagination to work. Pick any location in the world you would love to go to, do a little bit of research and prepare a dinner that you would be enjoying there. Spend the night pretending you are somewhere exotic.
  4. Gratitude Night
    Make a list of all the things you are grateful for and share the list with your other half. Share ideas on where you see yourselves in the future and what you are hoping to achieve it.
  5. Indoor Picnic
    Light some candles around the room and have an indoor picnic in the comfort of your living room.
  6. Kiddies Pool Chill-Out
    Pull up a few chairs in the backyard and stick your feet into the kiddies pool. Splash your feet around if you must, or just relax and stargaze.
  7. Reading
    Pick any book from your bookshelf and take turns reading to each other. Make sure to change your choice at appropriate times.
  8. Have You Ever
    Playing this game will teach you a lot about each other when faced with crazy questions.
  9. The Newlywed Game
    Write down some questions to ask your other half and see how well you know each other. Have prizes for every correct answer.
  10. Fondue Night
    If you don’t have a fondue machine, don’t fear! You can easily melt chocolate and other dipping sauces on the stove! Who said you would need all the fancy stuff to pull off a good night?

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