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Blog Series | Once Upon a Time, I Found Out I was Clairvoyant by Neeta raga Dullabh

One of the ladies I had featuring at the end of last year is back! Neeta raga Dullabh is here today sharing her amazing story. You can find all her social links at the end of the post!

There are those believing in the supernatural, as it has been dubbed by those that don’t believe. Read below and decide for yourself.image

Here is Neeta’s story:
Once upon a time, I found myself seeing and feeling things others didn’t see, was it me losing my mind? Well, being a 9-year-old I must have had a vivid imagination and most likely saw things in a different way.

“Clairvoyant – the gift to see the past, present, and future using ESP sensory perceptions to make contact.
Clear-sighted, having psychic gifts to see beyond.”

My journey began as a 9-year-old where I clearly remember staring into the mirror asking what my purpose is on this earth, I ran to my gran and asked granny why am I here? She just looked at me rather surprised at the question as said don’t question so much about why you here, go play and be happy, hours later we would sit and draw flowers and mandala patterns with her.
I always found it amazing at how she knew who was calling before they called as there wasn’t caller ID back in the 80ties. She was gifted and shared many spiritual prayers and lessons with me at a young age.
The hardest, most painful thing happened… A year later my gran passed away, I had so many unanswered questions, my drawing partner was gone, my storyteller was gone, how do I pick myself up after this?
Years went by and my ability to see and feel energy become stronger, most times I kept quiet about what I saw and felt, this had to be the most painful times in the years I couldn’t express myself, as time passed I started drawing and painting more and more and found this creativity helped to heal so much pain and anger I once had.
My parents encouraged my creative side and supported me in entering art competitions of which I won a few.
I studied art in my first year of campus, this allowed me to heal and become more in touch with my spiritual gifts, I started meeting a few like-minded people and this journey was in full force where I learned more about crystals and found a name for what I could do… It was called clairvoyant.
This wasn’t all I found I was able to still see my gran and communicate with the other side, connect with persons who passed away. So it took some time to adjust and Accept myself for who I am today and not be ashamed for this amazing gift I am blessed with.
I went on to study reiki healing, amongst many spiritual courses and I was in my element!
I accept my creativity and free-spirited nature now, and accept not everyone may understand me or like me and that’s ok, there’s more to me than my gift, I am a blogger, artist, qualified beauty therapist, a wife, I have a lot to offer self-love and self-acceptance is what I have learnt from this journey.


Lifestyle blogger & Clairvoyant
Twitter: @neetaraga
Fb page: Neeta Raga Dullabh
Instagram: Neeta Raga Dullabh

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