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Gifts New Moms actually Want to Get at a Baby Shower

springtime-9Disclaimer: This post is written from my own personal opinion. In no way does it state that these are the gifts that you should be buying for any baby shower you are going to attend.

Baby Hygiene Products

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Moms will never have enough of these products and never have the phrase “I won’t need this” come up.. Babies need baths just like anyone else, duh. And the moms will be using most of these products for first two years of their kids’ lives.

Diapers/Nappies/Cloth Nappies
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No mom will ever say no to diapers. Whether she will be using disposable nappies or cloth ones – these will always come in handy.  One of the biggest expenses of having a baby is buying diapers. So helping to stock up on the supply is really helpful.

Wet Wipes

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Moms will use these for a lot of purposes; noses, faces, hands and bums. So many purpose would mean the wet wipes go quickly. Help a mom-to-be stock up on wet wipes. Wet wipes can be used at any age so they will never waste.

Certificate for Newborn Shoot


Spoil the family with a gift certificate for a newborn shoot to let them savour the memories forever.

Favourite Children’s Books

Vintage Schoolhouse Printables Photo
Make the gift extra special by writing a small note inside each passing month and then hand the books over on the day of the babies birth.

Necklace with Babies Name Engraved

My mom gave me this present with one of the boy’s birthdays and it meant more than everything else I had received that day.

Gift Cards/Certificates

If you’re really stuck on gift ideas, all you need to do is go to the nearest baby store and purchase a Gift Card. This will allow the parents-to-be to buy whatever they still need to.

Baby Health Kit


You can’t go wrong with buying a health kit for a baby. Every single item in the kit WILL be used.

Baby Registry


Of course, anything from the baby registry is a good choice. After all, that’s the reason it’s there.

Something for the Mom


Everyone always fusses about the baby and what the baby needs. But think about the mom. Moms need to be pampered as well. Consider a spa voucher or some nice beauty products for the mom to feel special as well.

Remember to save the receipts. The mom-to-be can exchange any products that the baby has grown out of for something more fitting.

Some moms shared their ideas on baby shower gift ideas:

“Gift Vouchers! Wipes and Nappies with the slip to change if there are too many of one size.” Leigh-Anne, Garden Route, South Africa

“Baby Toiletries.” Kim, Gauteng, South Africa

“Starter Medicine Kit.” Mona, Gauteng, South Africa

“Pamper stuff for the mother.” Adele, Garden Route, South Africa


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