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15 Fun Things to do When You’re Alone

When alone and have no idea with what to keep yourself busy with, you usually think of doing productive things or slacking around.
Howev’s, if you are looking to keep yourself busy and lost for ideas – this list will help you.

  1. Take a Long Nap
    No explanation needed there. Sleep.
  2. Start your Own Garden
    Lots of people are starting their own little gardens in their backyards, and reaping the benefits of it. It’s easy to start off but takes commitment to upkeep it.
  3. Have a Spa Day or get a Massage
    Take time to get pampered and let go of stress.
  4. Take a Boozy Bath
    Take your bottle of fine wine and glass, run yourself a warm bath, light some candles if you must and just soak. Just soak.
  5. Lose Yourself in Your Thoughts
    Some say people get lost in their thoughts because it’s unfamiliar territory. Why not just do it on purpose? Clear your mind, remove everything and everyone. Choose one topic to think about and see where it takes you.
  6. Travel Somewhere New
    Go to an area in your town that you’ve never been in. Visit a bookstore you always pass by. Stop in at a coffee shop you’ve been putting off a visit to.
  7. Read a Book in Total Silence
    There’s a huge difference reading with background music and in total silence. Switch off from the world and lose yourself in the book.
  8. Complete a Project You’ve been putting off
    We all have a project lying around that you started working on at some stage and just forgot about it. Use this time to look into it again.
  9. Dance through every Inch of Your House
    No one is there. No one is watching. Let the music make you lose control.
  10. Bake something Fun and New
    Put those recipe books to use, and your creativity, and bake something you haven’t tried to before.
  11. Challenge Your Mind with some Puzzles
    Code Breaker, WordSearch, Sudoku – they are all fine to complete!
  12. Watch Bad Horror Movies
    This is awesome as you travel back in time into bad storylines, bad graphics, and special effects.
  13. Go to a Crowded Place and People Watch
    Watching people might seem creepy to some but it’s actually a fun experiment to read other peoples’ body language and even figure out what conversations are being held.
  14. Go Sing Karaoke
    You don’t need to be drunk to go and sing karaoke. Do it for the fun and let your Diva shine!
  15. Take Yourself on a Date and Enjoy Your Own Company
    No need to impress anyone, no need to worry about keeping a conversation going. Also, if you decide to take yourself on a date, you can ever do another option mentioned on this list: People watch.

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